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Personal Service Technician (PST)

Volvo Retailers need team members who can take pride in bringing Volvo’s brand values to life, and make people valued and respected while maximising business opportunities.

At Volvo we know that creating a personal relationship with the customer increases customer satisfaction; resulting in more loyal customers. The role of a Personal Service Technician is a truly customer focused one.

Volvo Personal Service Technicians are responsible for all parts of the customer service experience from booking in and receiving the car from the customer, to performing the service or repair, then preparing and explaining the invoice to the customer as they hand the car back – delivering customer satisfaction through an efficient workshop process!

So as well as advanced technical knowledge, a Volvo Personal Service Technician needs to have first class organisational and customer service skills.

Volvo retailers offer plenty of opportunity for personal development - through the Volvo Cars Performance Academy, in the form of e-learning, online and instructor led courses, all leading to ongoing certifications and qualifications.