Plug-in Hybrid Benefits

Plug-in car grant & London Congestion Charge

A considered investment. With considerable rewards.

With our innovative electric plug-in engines, the XC90 and V60 both offer excellent fuel economy and reduced environmental footprint, without compromising on performance. It’s thanks to such innovations that both models are available under the government’s plug-in car grant (up to £5,000) and fully-exempt from the London Congestion charge.

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Transport for London

Plug in. Switch on.

Whether you're a private buyer or a Fleet Manager, the investment you'll make in a Volvo Plug-in Hybrid isn't as expensive as it first appears. In the medium-to-long-term, the figures add up to something special. Low emissions mean significant tax savings. Impressive MPG means low fuel costs. And high residual values mean minimal depreciation.

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