S60 Price List and Variants

Below you will find the latest pricing for the S60 range. Or click here to view the specifications available. For full details on the S60 range, request a brochure or download the full price list.

  D2 Business Edition11510316£17,450.00£3,490.00£20,940£21,545£21,490
  D3 Business Edition13611418£17,991.67£3,598.33£21,590£22,195£22,140
  D4 Business Edition1819915£19,033.33£3,806.67£22,840£23,445£23,390
  T3 Business Edition15012918£16,725.00£3,345.00£20,070£20,675£20,620
  D2 SE11510316£21,616.67£4,323.33£25,940£26,545£26,490
  D2 SE Nav11510316£22,616.67£4,523.33£27,140£27,745£27,690
  D3 SE13611418£22,158.33£4,431.67£26,590£27,195£27,140
  D3 SE Nav13611418£23,158.33£4,631.67£27,790£28,395£28,340
  D4 SE1819915£23,200.00£4,640.00£27,840£28,445£28,390
  D4 SE Nav1819915£24,200.00£4,840.00£29,040£29,645£29,590
  T3 SE15012918£20,891.67£4,178.33£25,070£25,675£25,620
  T3 SE Nav15012918£21,891.67£4,378.33£26,270£26,875£26,820
SE LUX        
  D2 SE Lux11510316£23,533.33£4,706.67£28,240£28,845£28,790
  D2 SE Lux Nav11510316£24,533.33£4,906.67£29,440£30,045£29,990
  D3 SE Lux13611418£24,075.00£4,815.00£28,890£29,495£29,440
  D3 SE Lux Nav13611418£25,075.00£5,015.00£30,090£30,695£30,640
  D4 SE Lux1819915£25,116.67£5,023.33£30,140£30,745£30,690
  D4 SE Lux Nav1819915£26,116.67£5,223.33£31,340£31,945£31,890
  D5 SE Lux Nav21511919£27,575.00£5,515.00£33,090£33,695£33,640
  D2 R-Design11510316£22,866.67£4,573.33£27,440£28,045£27,990
  D2 R-Design Nav11510316£23,866.67£4,773.33£28,640£29,245£29,190
  D3 R-Design13611418£23,408.33£4,681.67£28,090£28,695£28,640
  D3 R-Design Nav13611418£24,408.33£4,881.67£29,290£29,895£29,840
  D4 R-Design1819915£24,450.00£4,890.00£29,340£29,945£29,890
  D4 R-Design Nav1819915£25,450.00£5,090.00£30,540£31,145£31,090
  D5 R-Design Nav21511919£26,908.33£5,381.67£32,290£32,895£32,840
  T3 R-Design15012918£22,141.67£4,428.33£26,570£27,175£27,120
  T3 R-Design Nav15012918£23,141.67£4,628.33£27,770£28,375£28,320
R-DESIGN LUX        
  D2 R-Design Lux11510316£24,950.00£4,990.00£29,940£30,545£30,490
  D2 R-Design Lux Nav11510316£25,950.00£5,190.00£31,140£31,745£31,690
  D3 R-Design Lux13611418£25,491.67£5,098.33£30,590£31,195£31,140
  D3 R-Design Lux Nav13611418£26,491.67£5,298.33£31,790£32,395£32,340
  D4 R-Design Lux1819915£26,533.33£5,306.67£31,840£32,445£32,390
  D4 R-Design Lux Nav1819915£27,533.33£5,506.67£33,040£33,645£33,590
  D5 R-Design Lux Nav21511919£28,991.67£5,798.33£34,790£35,395£35,340



The Business Edition comes with all the features you would expect from Volvo. Beyond the innovative City Safety technology, LED day running lights, 16" alloy wheels, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system and rear park assist, the Business Edition offers electronic climate control, cruise control, a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio and Sensus Navigation with 7" colour display screen and Bluetooth®.
The SE offers a range of innovative features including an automatic rain sensor, autofolding power door mirrors with ground lights and an integrated grocery bag holder. The interior benefits from Textile/T-Tec upholstery and aluminium trim whilst the exterior provides 17" alloy wheels and chrome window surrounds.
Our most luxurious variant is the SE Lux. Above and beyond SE specification, the SE Lux has leather-faced upholstery, an active TFT crystal driver’s information display, power adjustable driver’s seat with memory function, and active bending xenon headlights with headlight cleaning system.
18" Ixion alloy wheels together with the R-Design chassis enhance the handling of this model. Visual presence is complemented with silver matt door mirrors, unique rear exhaust pipes, together with front sports seats with side support, R-Design upholstery, aluminium interior trim and an R-Design leather steering wheel. A DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio and Bluetooth® also come as standard.
The R-Design Lux is the ultimate variant and includes active bending xenon headlights with headlight cleaning system, autofolding power door mirrors with ground lights, rain sensor and rear park assist. The added features on the inside include a grocery bag holder, power adjustable driver’s seat with memory for seat and exterior mirrors, autodimming rear view mirror and high performance audio sound system with Bluetooth®.
All Volvo S60 Nav models include Sensus Connect* with High Performance sound with voice activated control, a 7" colour display screen, DVD player, internet and music browsing and a Sensus Navigation system. As well as full European mapping, lifetime map updates are included.

* A separate mobile data plan is required to enable online connectivity.


For full details on the S60 range, request a brochure or download an eBrochure.


* P11D value for BIK purposes is the retail price plus delivery charge. BIK % shown for the 2014/15 tax year.

All ‘On The Road’ prices quoted in this price list include Volvo standard national delivery charge, inclusive of number plates and VAT at £550 and vehicle tax as of 1st April 2014 (as set by the government). This charge does not include any provision for fuel. The ‘On The Road’ price also includes a £55 vehicle first registration fee (as set by the government – excludes Channel Islands and Isle of Man). Recommended retail prices quoted do not include these additions.