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Avicii & Volvo

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It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me


A new beginning

“I've never been the attention seeking type. I'm reserved. But still, I love it. There's no feeling like it. When everyone's with you, you feel comfortable, and everything goes as planned. And unexpected reactions overwhelm you.”


Sleep in peace when day is done

Travelling all over the world. New faces. New places. Days, nights, weeks. months, years. It was time to come back to Sweden.

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Avicii -
"I’m coming back to everything with a clear mind, after the break. I’ve been working on Stories for two years, and it’s given me time to go through everything with a clear mind."
Avicii -
"Get behind the wheel and experience the possibilities of the XC90 yourself."
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The XC90 - Made by Sweden