DRIVe stands for Volvo's environmental philosophy and signature.It is about the holistic approach to environmental issues, commitment to sustainable mobility and the ambition to contribute to a better environment. DRIVe is about confidence in the environmental credentials of our products and our customers’ expression of their responsible purchase. In simple terms, it's about using less fuel to create less Carbon dioxide. It includes not only engine development but aerodynamics, rolling resistance to airflow and lowered chassis. This in turn means the cost of ownership for a company is reduced through lower/zero VED, higher capital allowances and less money spent on fuel. For the driver, it means a lower benefit in kind tax for the company car.


 DRIVe and Environmental

C02 to fit the grade   

- sub 100g/km
- sub 120g/km
- sub 140g/km
- sub 160g/km



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