Roadside Assistance & Emergency Help


Get help when you need it most

Volvo On Call is your lifeline when something goes wrong, with operators standing by 24/7. Just press the On Call button or the SOS button to get help immediately.

Roadside Assistance

The ON CALL button

Has your car broken down in the middle of nowhere? Or have you run out of fuel or got a flat tyre? If so, help is at hand. Press the On Call button in your Volvo and its GPS-system will guide a recovery service to you, even if you don't know where you are. (Please note that this service varies from market to market).

Emergency Help

Emergency help
In case you’re involved in an accident or any other emergency, press the SOS button to speak to a trained Volvo On Call crisis manager immediately. They’ll call whichever emergency service you need, and provide calm reassurance until they arrive.

Automatic Collision Alert

Automatic Collision Alert
If an airbag deploys or a safety belt pre-tensioner is activated during a collision, your car will automatically send an alarm call to the Volvo On Call emergency centre. A trained Volvo On Call crisis manager will try to establish contact with you through your Volvo’s in-built communication system, and direct emergency services to your location even if you can’t ask for help.