Information and Concierge Services

A direct line to your personal assistant

If you’ve always wanted to have a personal assistant with you anywhere you go, Volvo On Call is the answer. Just push the On Call button in your Volvo, and you’ll be put straight through to your dedicated concierge – any time, anywhere.

Imagine you’re driving along a scenic route and would like to sample the local cuisine. Maybe there’s a Michelin-starred restaurant nearby? Just push the On Call button and ask your concierge. They’ll come back to you with suggestions and will even be able to send your chosen address straight to your car’s navigation system: all you’ll have to do is drive there. Apart from the latest information on Points Of Interest along your route, your concierge can also update you on the latest price of a stock your watching, or the weather forecast of your destination, or any breaking news story you’re following.

And if you need to make a booking for a restaurant, a hotel or even a flight, the Volvo on Call concierge can do it all for you while you relax and drive.

The Information & Concierge Service is available any time, anywhere and can assist you with any of these requests:

Find Points Of Interest along the way

Your concierge will help you locate tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, filling stations, addresses, landmarks or any other point of interest stored in the sat nav database complete with names, addresses, telephone numbers, directions and any other relevant information.

Send the destination straight to your car

Ask the operator to send a POI directly to the navigation system in your Volvo and start driving right away.

Stay ahead of the news

Get updates on the latest breaking news stories. Whether you're interested in world news, sports, entertainment, business & finance or local news, you can customise your own menu according to your preferences.

Never be surprised by the weather

Get the latest weather report, right where you are or at your destination.

How's your portfolio doing?

Get the latest updates on your favourite stocks and shares – as well as a wealth of other real-time market information.


Need a last-minute booking? No problem. Your concierge can book hotel rooms and flight tickets for you.