Theft Alert

You can never completely protect yourself from car thieves. But with Volvo On Call Theft Alert, you can make sure that any car thief’s joy will be short-lived.

Immediate alert

Any attempt to break into your car will trigger an automatic alert to the Volvo On Call team. In the first instance, an operator will try to verify the driver's identity using your car's integrated phone. If they establish that your car is indeed being driven by an unauthorised person, they'll notify you immediately.

Locate your stolen car

If your car is stolen, we can track it via satellite. The Volvo On Call operator will be able to determine your car's location, regardless whether it's being driven or transported by any other method.

Immobilise your car remotely

To make it easier to recover your car, it can be remotely immobilised by our call centre. This means that once it stops, it will be impossible to start the engine again – unless the call centre unblocks it. (Please note that this service is available in selected markets).