Create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car

Enjoy a 3G-mobile broadband connection for all your devices

Unleash Sensus Connect

Volvo On Call helps you get the most out of Sensus Connect – the technology package that turns your car into a powerful infotainment hub. Sensus Connect offers you a collection of apps for music streaming, internet radio, audiobooks and social networks, as well as a web browser for full internet access. But to get the most out of these services, you need an adequate internet connection. With Volvo On Call, you can use your car’s roof aerial to provide a strong and stable 3G-mobile broadband connection instead of relying on your mobile phone's 3G-signal.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Get all your devices online – share your Volvo’s 3G-mobile broadband connection with everyone in the car by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Choose your own mobile broadband provider

To use the 3G-mobile broadband connection, you'll need a separate 3G-mobile broadband subscription. Once you've chosen a provider for your 3G-mobile broadband, they'll give you a SIM-card, which you can insert into the SIM-card holder in the glove compartment. Please note that external broadband charges are not included in your Volvo On Call subscription. For more information about Volvo On Call services and functions, please contact your Volvo dealer.