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300:12000|The Personal Car Communicator or PCC is your remote connection to your car. The PCC's range for locking, unlocking and tailgate is about 20 m from the car 12300:15500|- for other functions up to about 100 m. 16500:20000|Press to activate the alarm and lock the doors and the boot. 21000:25000|Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to close all the windows. 26000:30000|Deactivate the alarm, unlock all the doors and the boot. 31000:34500|Press and hold for more than 4 seconds to open all the windows. 35600:37300|Turn on the approach lights. 38100:41500|Unlocks and disarms the alarm for the boot only. 42800:54000|Press the panic button for three seconds, or press it twice within 3 seconds, to turn on the alarm and the indicators. Turn off by pressing again after 5 seconds. 54600:59000|The panic alarm turns off automatically after 2 min 45 sec. 60700:71000|The PCC can also tell you the status of the cars alarm and locks. Press the i-button. The key collects data from the car for about 7 seconds. 72000:74500|A green light means the car is locked. 75000:78000|A yellow light means the car is unlocked. 78000:89000|A steady red light means that the alarm has been activated since the car was locked. A flashing red light means the alarm was activated less than 5 minutes ago.

Starting and stopping the engine

1030:10500|Insert the personal car communicator into the key slot. Press the clutch all the way down. In cars with automatic gearbox, press the brake pedal. 11500:22000|A short press on the start/stop engine button will crank the engine and start it. In cold weather, starting a diesel engine may take slightly longer due to pre-heating. 23000:32000|During cold starts you may also notice that the idle speed is slightly higher than normal. This is a feature that makes the exhaust gases cleaner and less harmful. 33500:40000|Stop the engine by pressing the start/stop engine button. Pull out the PCC from the key slot.

Infotainment basics/radio

1500:11000|Turn on the infotainment system and press RADIO. Turn TUNE to scroll through radio bands, AM, FM and the optional DAB. 12000:16000|When the desired band is highlighted press OK/MENU. 17000:24500|Press and hold the left or right arrow keys to search for radio stations. The radio stops at the next station. 26000:37500|The radio automatically displays a list of the strongest stations in the area. Turn TUNE in either direction to choose a station and confirm your choice by pressing OK/MENU. 38500:44500|Press the INFO button to toggle between manual fine-tuning with TUNE and a list of stations. 46000:52500|When you find a station that you want to save, press and hold the numbered button where you would like to store the pre-set station. 53500:59000|When listening, change to a different pre-set station by pressing the relevant numbered button 59500:66000|or press briefly on the left or right arrow keys on the right-hand steering wheel keypad or the centre console.

Bluetooth telephone pairing

200:11200|A Bluetooth telephone can be wirelessly connected to the car for hands-free operation. Before you can use Bluetooth hands-free you must pair the mobile phone with your car. 12200:19800|The car can store a maximum of ten paired Bluetooth devices in its memory. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone. 21000:30500|Press TEL. If a previously paired phone is present in the car it will be presented as a suggestion. If you want to add a new phone, press EXIT. 32000:43200|Then press OK/MENU and choose ADD PHONE by turning TUNE. Press OK/MENU. Press OK/MENU to start the search. 44100:50100|Turn the TUNE button to choose your mobile phone in the centre console display and press OK/MENU. 51800:60000|Enter the numbers displayed on screen in your mobile phone. The car now attempts to import the phone book contacts in the phone you just paired. 61000:70100|Note that the contact information is available only when the phone is present in the car. You can have two Bluetooth devices connected simultaneously; 71000:73000|one for phone calls and the other for streaming music.

Using the Bluetooth phone

500:8500|Make sure that the phone and Bluetooth symbols are displayed at the upper right of the screen. This indicates that the phone is connected to the car. 9500:17500|When making a call, press TEL and dial the number using the numbered keys and press OK/MENU to initiate the call. 18700:28500|Turn TUNE clockwise to display your contacts or anticlockwise to display your call lists. Turn TUNE to the contact you want to call. 29600:41000|If a contact has more than one phone number, an arrow appears. Press OK/MENU to display all numbers. Turn TUNE to navigate to the number you want to dial. 42000:48000|Press OK/MENU or the thumb wheel on the right-hand steering wheel keypad to make the call. 49000:56500|Answer an incoming call by pressing the thumb wheel on the right-hand steering wheel keypad or by pressing OK/MENU. 57500:63000|Reject or terminate a call by pressing EXIT on the steering wheel or on the centre console.


300:12000|You can play music files from a USB memory stick, an iPod, a CD or from smartphones. The principle for navigating and playing tracks is similar in all three cases. 13000:15000|Let´s look at an example with the iPod. 16500:28500|Connect the iPod to the USB port. Press MEDIA and turn TUNE until IPOD is highlighted. Press OK/MENU. The first track starts to play. 30000:41000|Turn TUNE to access the playlist. Navigate to the track you want to play and press OK/MENU to start. The menu system resembles the menus in your iPod. 43000:52000|Navigate in and out of folders with OK/MENU and EXIT. Use the left or right arrow keys or the thumb wheel to navigate amongst tracks

Streaming sound via Bluetooth to the cars audio system

300:4500|Almost every new smartphone can send an audio stream via Bluetooth. 5000:14000|This means that you can listen to sound from your smartphone’s apps, be it games, music services, radio or movies in the cars audio system. 15000:19000|Make sure the smartphone is paired with the car. Press MEDIA. 20000:31000|Turn TUNE until Bluetooth is highlighted. Confirm by pressing OK/MENU. You can now stream audio to the car from your Bluetooth device.

Storage areas

900:8000|There are sixteen different storage spaces in the car. In the front seats you have seat pockets, storage in the doors, 8500:12500|on the drivers side under the lighting panel and behind the centre stack. 13500:25000|There is a ticket holder and a coat hanger. You have cup holders in the center console and the CD storage can hold 8 CD’s. The glove compartment is lockable with the key blade. 26000:34000|In the back seat there are storage spaces in each side panel, there are seat pockets for magazines, and two cup holders between the back seats.

Thumb wheel

300:6000|The thumb wheel makes it easy to navigate the menus in the infotainment system with the hands firmly on the steering wheel. 7000:11000|Scroll the thumb wheel up or down to navigate up or down in the menus. 12000:17500|Press the thumb wheel to confirm a choice, receive a phone call or go deeper in the menu structure. 18000:24000|Press the EXIT button to cancel an operation, reject a call or move up in the menu system.

Themes in the combined instrument

800:4800|You can change between three different themes in the digital combined instrument. 5700:14000|To change the theme, press the left stalk switch’s OK button and then turn the thumb wheel on the lever until you find the Themes menu. 15000:24500|Click the OK button to enter the Themes menu. Choose the Theme by turning the thumb wheel. Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button again.


2000:6000|Press slightly on the rear part of the hatch. Pull the hatch open. 7000:16500|The filler pipe has no lid but two automatic opening covers. Make sure you insert the pump nozzle past both covers before you start refuelling. 17700:27500|Fill until the pump nozzle cuts out. Avoid spillage by waiting approx. 5-8 seconds after refuelling before carefully removing the nozzle. 28500:30000|Close the flap after fuelling.

Wind screen wiper in service position

2000:7800|If you need to change, clean or lift the wiper blades you must first set them in service position. 9000:18500|Place the remote control key in the ignition lock and briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button. This sets the car’s electrical system to key position 1. 19500:24500|Briefly press the button again. The electrical system is now in key position 0. 26000:36200|Within 3 seconds, move the right stalk switch up and hold it in position for 1 second. The wipers move to a standing position. You can now do your work. 37715:46000|Fold the wipers gently to the windscreen when you are done. Briefly press the START/STOP ENGINE button once more and the wipers return to their starting position.

Folding bag holder

500:9000|There is an optional folding bag holder for the boot. Lift the handle on the floor and fold up the floor. Place the floor edge in one of the grooves. 10000:15500|The holder carries max. 10 kg on the outer hangers and 3 kg in the center.

Smart features

300:3700|This selection of smart features will help make your driving easier. 5000:14700|The automatic climate control has a preset button for efficient defrosting. Just press the button and wait for the windshield and front side windows to clear. 16000:22600|The indicator light in the button lights and a symbol is shown in the center console display when the function is active. 24100:33800|Press the button on the right stalk to activate the rain sensor. This operates the wipers automatically. Adjust the sensitivity by turning the thumb wheel. 35700:44000|Use the tilting mirrors to get a better view of the pavement when parking. In reverse gear, press L or R to tilt the desired mirror. 45000:48700|This is only on cars with electrically operated driver’s seat with memory.

Helpful hints

500:3100|Theese helpful hints will help you avoid some distractions. 5000:11200|The distance to empty tank is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the previous 30 kilometers. 12200:17800|This means that if you change your driving to a more aggressive style, it might not be totally accurate. 19500:24900|The instrument lighting is automatically adjusted, based on input from the light sensor on the dashboard. 25500:31300|There is a delay which means instrument lighting may be adapted to night driving when exiting long tunnels. 33100:43500|One final piece of advice from Volvos paint experts: only hand wash the car during the first few months since the paint is more sensitive until it is fully hardened.

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