V60 Hybrid

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339:8724|The Personal Car Communicator or PCC is your remote connection to your car. It has a range of approximately 20 meters. 9195:13583|Press to activate the alarm and lock the doors and the boot. 14158:18782|Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to close all the windows and the sun roof. 20009:24032|Deactivate the alarm, unlock all the doors and the boot. 24999:28682|Press and hold for more than 4 seconds to open all the windows. 29231:31503|Turn on the approach lights. 32182:34533|Unlock the boot only. 35369:43650|Press the panic button for three seconds, or press it twice within 3 seconds, to turn on the alarm and the indicators. 44355:47490|Turn off by pressing again after 5 seconds. 48378:52610|The PCC can also tell you the status of the cars alarm and locks. 53133:58880|Press the i-button. The key collects data from the car for about 7 seconds. 59611:62171|A green light means the car is locked. 63033:65306|A yellow light means the car is unlocked. 66300:70765|A steady red light means that the alarm has been activated since the car was locked. 71418:76564|A flashing red light means the alarm was activated less than 5 minutes ago.

Starting and stopping the engine

1030:10500|Insert the personal car communicator into the key slot. Press the clutch all the way down. In cars with automatic gearbox, press the brake pedal. 11500:22000|A short press on the start/stop engine button will crank the engine and start it. In cold weather, starting a diesel engine may take slightly longer due to pre-heating. 23000:32000|During cold starts you may also notice that the idle speed is slightly higher than normal. This is a feature that makes the exhaust gases cleaner and less harmful. 33500:40000|Stop the engine by pressing the start/stop engine button. Pull out the PCC from the key slot.

Infotainment basics/radio

560:4040|Turn on the infotainment system and press RADIO. 4840:8400|Press RADIO again to select radio frequency band. 9280:13880|Turn the TUNE knob, when the band you want is highlighted, press OK. 14880:18040|Press and hold the left or right arrows on the centre stack, 18320:23080|or the arrows in the steering wheel, too search up or down for radio stations. 24040:26360|The radio stops at the next station. 27520:29680|When you find a station you want to save, 29960:34080|press and hold the numbered button where you want the preset station stored. 35040:40640|When listening, change to a different preset station by pressing the relevant numbered button. 41320:47400|To skip to the next stored station, make a quick press on the left or right arrows in the centre stack 47680:48920|or in the steering wheel. 49680:54480|To search for the next available station, hold the left or right arrows.

Bluetooth telephone pairing

640:4920|A Bluetooth phone can be connected to your car for hands-free operation. 5360:13720|There are two possible ways of pairing your phone with your car, either search for the phone from the car, or search for the car from the phone. 15000:22880|To pair your phone using the car, your must first activate Bluetooth on your phone and make sure that the phone is in discoverable mode. 23640:40720|Then click the EXIT button in the centre console multiple times to validate that you are in the top menu, click TEL, press OK and select SEARCH NEW PHONE from the menu by pressing OK again. 42240:43960|The search for your phone starts. 46840:52520|Use the TUNE knob to locate your phone from the list and press OK to select it. 53240:58440|Use the TUNE knob again to select CONNECT FOR PHONE and press OK. 59400:65240|Verify the questions on your phone, then in the car by pressing OK in the centre stack. 68760:72720|To pair your phone and car using your phone’s Bluetooth function, start with making the car visible. 75560:93840|To do this, click the EXIT button in the centre console multiple times to validate that you are in the top menu, then press TEL, press OK and use the TUNE knob to select MAKE CAR DISCOVERABLE. 96000:97400|Confirm with OK. 98680:106000|Now, use your phone to search for Bluetooth devices and select your car's name from the list with available devices. 108280:113960|Verify the questions on your phone, then in the car by pressing OK in the centre stack. 114760:121760|Last, check that the specified code in the car matches the one in your phone and choose to accept both. 122800:128040|When your phone and car are paired you can show your contact list in the car display. 128560:131720|To do this, turn the TUNE knob clockwise. 136400:140400|To enter your last calls, turn the TUNE knob anti clockwise. 140880:148520|Your phonebook is not copied, it is just mirrored and your contacts are only available when your phone is paired with your car.

Using the Bluetooth phone

960:4160|Make sure that the "Phone" symbol is visible on the screen. 5680:8600|This indicates that the phone is connected to the car. 9920:14480|When making a call, press TEL and dial the number using the numbered keys 14720:16920|and press OK to make the call. 18160:21400|Turn the TUNE button clockwise to enter your contacts 21600:24440|or anticlockwise to enter your call lists. 25320:28160|Turn the TUNE button to the contact you want to call. 28840:32840|Press OK or press the right thumb wheel to make the call. 34240:38040|Receive a call by pressing the right thumb wheel on the steering wheel 38280:40440|or by pressing the OK button. 41760:46200|Reject or terminate a call by pressing the EXIT button on the steering wheel 46440:47800|or on the center stack.


250:5680|You can play music files from a USB memory stick, an iPod or a CD. 6300:10880|The principle for navigating and playing songs is similar in all three cases. 11640:13840|Let’s look at an example with the iPod. 15200:17080|Insert the media in the correct slot. 17920:20600|Press MEDIA to enter the media source, 21040:24400|then press MEDIA again to enter the shortcut menu. 25360:30400|Turn the TUNE knob until iPod is highlighted and press the OK button. 31320:34960|The latest song you listened to in your iPod starts to play. 36320:39280|Turn the TUNE knob to enter your iPod’s menu. 40120:45320|Turn the TUNE knob to choose what you want to play, press the OK button to enter. 46280:51920|Navigate to the song/album/artist you want to play and press OK to start. 53080:56160|The menu system resembles the menus in your iPod. 56880:61280|Navigate in and out of folders with the OK button and the EXIT button. 62000:65480|Use the forward and backward arrows to step through songs.

Storage areas

1567:4675|There are fifteen different storage spaces in the car. 5067:10031|In the front seats you have seat pockets, storage in the doors and behind the centre stack. 10945:13139|There is a ticket holder and a coat hanger. 14001:19252|You have cup holders in the center console and the CD storage can hold 8 CD's. 19696:22987|The glove compartment is lockable with the key blade. 23510:29022|In the back seat there are storage spaces in each side panel, there are seat pockets for magazines, 29204:32235|and two cup holders between the back seats.

Thumb wheel

809:7147|The thumb wheel makes it easy to navigate the menus in the infotainment system with the hands firmly on the steering wheel. 7862:12277|Click the thumb wheel up or down to navigate up or down in the menus. 12878:18546|Press the thumb wheel to confirm a choice, receive a phone call or go deeper in the menu structure. 19173:25155|Press the EXIT button to cancel an operation, reject a call or move up in the menu system.


560:3700|At times you may want to transport long objects. 3840:5220|It’s easily done. 5360:12080|Just fold the backseats by pulling these handles. 13960:18400|You can fold the left and middle section separately. 19480:23040|The right backseat can only be folded together with the middle section.


900:7800|Before charging, an electrician should have checked the maximum amount of charging current that the socket can provide. 8000:12500|The higher the charging current, the faster the battery will be fully charged. 12800:17500|When delivered, the control unit is set for the lowest charging current, 6 amps. 19800:22500|Plug the charging cable into a mains socket. 26000:31500|Press the switch on the control unit. Set the correct charging current. 32000:38000|Open the car’s charging hatch by pressing the rear section of the hatch slightly and opening it. 38500:43000|Remove the cover. Plug the charging cable into the car. 43200:48700|The control unit and lights in the charging socket indicate that charging is underway. 49500:56900|When the battery is fully charged, the charging current indicator will switch off and the green “car” symbol will illuminate. 57300:59300|Unlock the car. 61000:64000|Switch off the control unit. 64500:71000|Unplug the cable from the car and then from the mains socket.

Driving Modes

400:8000|The car has several driving modes in which power alternates between an electric motor and a diesel engine in different ways. 8500:23000|The default driving mode is Hybrid where the control module uses both the electric motor and the diesel engine – separately or in tandem – and optimises their use with respect to performance, fuel consumption and comfort. 24000:31700|Pure – enables you to drive with low energy consumption and maximises driving with the help of the hybrid battery. 32000:35900|In order to conserve energy, the air conditioning is switched off. 36100:44000|Hybrid – uses the electric motor and the diesel engine optimally to utilise electric power as much as possible. 44600:53000|Power – offers the best response and performance by utilising both the electric motor and the diesel engine for sportier driving. 53500:62000|Save – conserves the hybrid battery’s charge for later use, for example if you know that you’ll be driving a lot in city traffic. 62200:68000|AWD – activates four-wheel drive for better traction and road holding.

Themes In The Instrument Panel

200:4800|You can switch between four different themes in the digital instrument panel. 5000:14300|To change the theme, press the OK button on the left-hand steering wheel stalk and then turn the thumb wheel on the stalk to scroll to the Themes menu. 14500:17500|Click the OK button to enter the Themes menu. 18000:21500|Choose a Theme by turning the thumb wheel. 22000:25000|Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button. 25200:28000|Press the Reset button to exit the menu. 29500:36000|The instrument panel adapts the information provided according to the driving mode that you’ve chosen. 36500:42500|The battery gauge shows the charge level and how the electric motor charges the battery when you brake. 48000:50500|This is the driving mode. 51000:55000|The hybrid guide helps you drive using electricity as much as possible. 55000:64000|When the needle enters the upper range, the diesel engine starts and the symbol illuminates.


400:13500|Preconditioning means that the car’s engine and cabin are heated or cooled to reduce engine wear and energy consumption while driving, enabling you to drive farther using electrical power. 14000:20500|Activate the electrical preconditioning function by pressing OK on the left-hand steering wheel stalk. 20600:26000|Scroll with the thumb wheel to Preconditioning and confirm by pressing OK. 26500:31000|Scroll with the thumb wheel to Indoor parking and confirm by pressing OK. 31500:36000|Select what is to be activated by the electrical preheating function. 36500:39700|Press Reset to exit the menu. 40500:45000|Using the timer is a practical way to start preconditioning the car. 45200:51500|You decide when you’ll need the car and the electronics determine when preconditioning should start. 52000:56900|Begin setting the timer by pressing OK and scrolling to Preconditioning. 57000:62700|Confirm by pressing OK. Select a timer and press OK. 63700:67800|Press OK briefly again to set the time. 68000:71500|Select the desired hour and press OK. 72000:75500|Select the desired minute and press OK. 76000:79700|Press OK again to activate the timer. 81000:89500|If you have a Personal Car Communicator (PCC), you can also start preconditioning at any time using the remote key. 89700:94000|Press and hold the Approach lighting button for 2 seconds. 94300:99800|The car will confirm that the signal has been received by flashing its lights briefly 5 times. 100000:108500|If these lights then glow steadily for approximately 3 seconds, this indicates that preconditioning has started. 108600:115000|If this doesn’t occur, preconditioning is not currently possible.

Mobile App

400:8300|With the Volvo On Call mobile app for the iPhone and Android phones, you can monitor and control the car’s charging and preconditioning. 9000:12000|This app offers a number of practical features. 12500:18000|For example, you can see the charge status and decide when the car should be heated or cooled. 18500:24000|Download this app and stay in touch with your car, wherever you may be.

Digital owner’s manual in the car

280:3280|The owner's manual can be read on the car display. 3800:8920|Its content is searchable and the different sections are easy to navigate and browse. 9800:15640|To open the digital manual, press MY CAR in the centre console, press OK, 16280:20960|turn the TUNE knob to select OWNER’S MANUAL and press the OK button. 21840:27400|Important information about the Owners Manual will be shown, press OK to continue. 28200:31920|There are four options for finding information in the Owner’s manual. 32440:35000|Use SEARCH to search for an article. 35440:39160|Choose CATEGORIES to display all articles by category. 39720:42880|Pick FAVOURITES to access your bookmarked articles. 43240:47440|Use QUICK GUIDE to get information about the most important functions 47560:49360|to get comfortable with your car.

Power seat with memory

760:7680|The optional power seat has three memory settings that let you save your seat adjustment to a specific key. 8120:14680|The memory function makes it really convenient to share your car with someone – and it is simple to set. 15760:18240|Begin to unlock the car with your key. 19160:24360|Next, locate the car's main menu by clicking the EXIT button in the centre stack. 25120:32640|From the main menu, navigate to MY CAR by turning the TUNE knob and select by pressing OK. 34880:45200|Then select VEHICLE SETTINGS, then CAR KEY MEMORY and last, check that the memory function it is activated, that ON is selected. 45920:53360|Then it's time to adjust your seat. Just push this button forward or backward to move the seat forward or backward. 53960:63040|Raise or lower the same button to raise or lower the seat and lift or lower the front of the button to lift or lower the front edge of the seat cushion. 63780:65560|Move the backrest with this. 66240:76560|To store your settings, hold the memory button and one of the numbered buttons until you hear a beep and a confirmation text displays in the combined instrument panel. 77400:82960|This setting will from now on be activated every time the current car key is used. 83760:87200|To adjust the lumbar support, just rotate this wheel.

Smart features

940:5002|This selection of smart features will help make your driving easier. 6660:14180|The automatic climate controll has a preset button for efficient defrosting. Just press the button and wait for the window to clear. 14970:25700|Press the button on the right stalk to activate the rain sensor. This operates the wipers automatically. Adjust the sensitivity by turning the thumb wheel. 26540:30250|The level of engine oil in diesel engines kan be monitored electronically. 30670:35940|Turn the wheel on the left stalk until ENGINE OIL LEVEL is shown in the main instrument panel. 36540:46860|Use the tilting door mirrors to get a better view of the pavement when parking. In reverse gear, press L or R to tilt the desired mirror. 47650:50810|This is only on cars with electrically operated driver's seat with memory.

Helpful hints

1250:4600|These helpful hints will help you avoid some distractions. 5300:13320|There are three 12 V electrical sockets. One in the center console, another one on the rear side of the console and finally one in the boot. 14160:20110|The socket in the boot is always live and may drain the battery if used when the engine isn't running. 21000:27510|The distance to empty tank is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the previous 30 kilometers. 28260:32760|This means that if you start driving more aggressively it might not be totally accurate. 33780:39260|The instrument lighting is automatically adjusted, based on input from the light sensor on the dashboard. 40020:45740|There is a delay which means lighting may be adapted to night driving when exiting long tunnels. 46700:57860|The electrical parking brake is set by pushing the parking brake button. Release it manually by pulling the button, or automatically by driving off in first gear. 58590:69690|One final piece of advice from Volvos paint experts: only hand wash the car during the first few months since the paint is more sensitive until it is fully hardened.

Registering your Volvo ID (in your connected car)

760:8240|One of the ways to make the most of your ownership experience, whilst you are driving your Volvo, is to register your Volvo ID. 8880:15600|To register your Volvo ID from the car you must first make sure that your car is connected to internet. 16760:24080|After that, press the CONNECT button in the centre console and navigate to the APPS section by scrolling the thumbwheel. 25120:27480|Select APPS by pressing the thumbwheel. 28160:36720|When the applications are loaded, select SETTINGS, then VOLVO ID and last REGISTER VOLVO ID. 37320:44960|To enter your email address, locate each letter with the thumbwheel and insert the selected character by pressing the thumbwheel. 45280:50240|When you want to submit your email address, use the thumbwheel to choose OK. 50880:57040|You will now receive an email from Volvo ID with instructions on how to complete the registration. 57760:60800|Open the email to continue the registration process. 61200:67440|If you would like to double-check that your Volvo ID has been registered you can easily do this from the car. 67880:77000|Go into the SETTINGS menu (when you are in the APPS menu), then select VOLVO ID, your email address will now be shown in the display.

The worlds first luxury diesel Plug-in Hybrid

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the worlds first luxury diesel Plug-in Hybrid that also runs on pure electricity. Drive daily up to 50 km (31 miles) with zero emissions, in the same car that can take you in extreme comfort across the continent at a speed of up to 230 km/h (142 mph) with a range up to 900 km (560 miles).
Three driving modes, Pure, Hybrid and Power let you choose your driving experience.

In Pure mode the Diesel engine shuts off, letting the electric motor do all the work for a distance of up to 50 km (31 miles), so you can enjoy your daily drive in silence, with zero tailpipe emissions.

In Hybrid mode both the Diesel and the electric motor work in symbiosis for you, using only 1.8 litres of fuel per 100 km (155.2 mpg), and emitting a minimal 48 grams of CO2 per km, up to 900 km (560 miles). Letting you appreciate the journey, without unnecessary stops and interruptions.

The Power mode will make the Diesel and electric motors combine forces and deliver up to 280 horsepower, letting you go from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.1 seconds.

Downloadable Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide
Please note that the printed Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide supplied in your car have the most up-to-date information for your specific vehicle.


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