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23431:28604|Hi, my name is David and I would like to welcome you to your new Volvo 29648:32626|uhhh..sorry...Cut that please! 33201:36179|I can't do it like this. It doesn't feel right. 37250:42135|What does the contract say? You are hired to explain the features on this car. 42187:43964|I know. I know customers. 43964:47490|But you know, I got the impression that you'd let me have some more influence on this shoot. 48117:49684|I guess I want to do it my way. 50024:51513|Can we take it from the top? 56424:61126|Hi, my name is David and I would like to welcome you to your new Volvo. 61988:66351|I've had the opportunity to test drive and meet with some of the people behind the car, 66768:69120|and now I want to share my experiences with you. 69877:72202|So lets take a look at some of the features.

Remote control with key blade

8176:9560|Ok, so you want me to start with the key? 9822:10605|Please, go ahead. 15934:17240|The key has five buttons. 18337:23118|A short press on the lock symbol locks the front doors and the trunk. 24006:26932|A long press will also close windows and sun roof. 27715:31059|The unlock button unlocks the doors and the trunk. 32757:38844|This button turns on the approach lights. The trunk button unlocks just the trunk. 39471:40777|And there is a panic button. 41508:48274|Press the panic button for three seconds or two quick presses and you turn on the alarm and the position indicators.

Steering Wheel Adjustment

3604:7262|The first thing you want to do is to adjust the steering wheel. 7523:12225|Just pull this lever and adjust the wheel up or down, in or out.

Mechanical Seat

235:7784|Manual seats. Adjustment is really simple. Just pull this bar to move it forward or backward. 8097:16274|Raise or lower the front of the seat by pulling up or pressing down on this and move the backrest with this. 17188:20584|Move the seat up or down with this handle. 21707:25155|The lumbar support is adjusted here.

Seat With Memory Function

130:4728|Power seats. Adjustment is really simple. 5015:9221|Just press this button to move the seat forward or backward. 9508:13975|Raise or lower the seat with this, and move the backrest with this. 14315:18024|Move the front of the seat cushion with this. 18599:22543|Store your setting by pressing the memory button and setting 1. 23118:25782|The lumbar support is adjusted here. 26331:30563|This setting is activated every time this specific key and remote is used. 30981:33960|It's really convenient if you share the car with someone else.

Entry to the rear seat - Easy entry

156:2429|I think we should show how to get into the backseat next 2899:3970|OK. 5799:10605|To enter the back seat, first remove the seatbelt from the guide at the seat cushion. 13662:18259|Release the backrest by pulling the handle and fold it forward until it locks. 18364:25521|Slide the seat forward and enter. Slide the seat backward and fold the backrest in position. 27271:29544|What if you have the power seat? 29831:32626|It's basically the same thing, except moving the seat back and forth. 32914:34768|You'll have to use a button on the backrest.

Starting the engine

235:2977|Next we are going to start the engine. 3422:9926|When you hear the engine reving at cold start it's a feature that makes the exhausts cleaner and less harmful. 10553:13348|This can go on for several minutes if it's really cold.

Driver's door control panel

2768:4675|Continue with locking from the inside. 6713:12486|You can lock all the doors including the trunk from the inside by pressing this button. 13714:20610|Unlock by pressing again. Both power windows can be controlled from the driver side. 21368:26200|A full pull or press opens or closes the window automatically all the way. 26827:30354|A gentle press or pull gives manual control.

Electric climate control ECC (Option)

1149:3500|In the next scene, you'll have to pretend that you're driving and 3500:5537|you want to explain the climate control system. 6948:9534|I always use Auto so I'll have to read this carefully. 10501:13792|Press the Auto button to control the climate automatically. 15804:19931|You can set the temperature individually for the driver side or the passenger side. 21185:26383|First choose side by pressing the right button. Look at the green indication light. 27088:34377|Turn the right knob to set the temperature. To override the blower Auto setting, turn the blower knob. 34899:39183|Change the air distribution by pressing one of the buttons in the symbol. 39888:45897|The air quality button toggles between Recirculation, Auto or Off. 47151:56607|I always leave the air conditioning on, it makes the air quality better and it quickly removes condensation from the windows.

Rainsensor (Option)

1697:9038|I always activate the rain sensor when there is a risk for rain. This way I don't have to bother with the wipers. 10187:14158|The symbol in the main instrument makes it easy to see if it's on or off. 16744:19670|Adjust the sensitivity by turning this wheel. 21446:26357|You might want to make an extra wipe now and then. Just flip the stalk upward. 26697:31947|But if you flip it downward you override the rain sensor and you have to activate it again.

Infotainment system

287:2899|Good. And now the sound system? 3186:9351|You have a Dolby Prologic II decoder for true surround sound from a CD and MP3. 10631:16378|You can plug in your mp3 player in the auxiliary input and listen through the speakers. 17972:20871|The first time you might need to adjust the input volume. 21551:25965|Just press the Menu button and navigate to AUX volume. 26671:29570|Then you adjust the volume by turning the selector knob. 30928:37459|Lots of other settings can be reached by pressing the Menu button and using the navigation arrows. 42109:45635|The steering wheel buttons control the radio and CD. 46419:51591|With a short press on the forward button you change preset radio station or CD tracks. 52584:57782|Press and hold to fast forward the CD player or search for radio stations. 58017:61518|The Volume control is simple just up or down.

Clock and Trip meter

705:5955|You set the clock by pressing the menu button and choose Clock Adjust. Press Enter. 6582:10031|Use the side arrows to choose the number you want to change. 10370:13766|Change with up- or down arrows or use the numbered buttons. 14132:16039|Press Enter to start the clock. 17084:21603|There are two trip meters and you toggle between them with a short press on this knob. 21812:24215|A long press resets the current one. 24711:28943|The main instrument panel provides you with information about the fuel level, 28995:32287|outside temperature and of course the trip computer.

Storage spaces

522:5459|Good! Then we have the storage compartments. 5773:9482|We will move the camera around inside the 3D model to your voice-over. 10398:13400|There are fifteen different storage spaces in the car. 13998:19226|In the front seats you have seat pockets, storage in the doors and In Inbehind the centre stack. 19879:22099|There is a ticket holder and a coat hanger. 23222:29727|You have cup holders in the center console and the CD storage can hold 10 CDs. 31294:33906|The glove compartment is lockable with the key blade. 35638:41795|In the back seat there are storage spaces in each side panel, there are seat pockets for magazines, 42083:44382|and the center has an optional bottle holder. 45278:48822|In the trunk there is a storage for a First Aid Kit.

Lowering the rear seat backseat

1306:7105|You may want to transport longer objects, that's when you fold down the rear seat back rests. 8150:11911|Pull this lock catch up and forward to release the backrest. 15490:19356|To raise the back rest again, return it to the upright position, 20715:24518|place the safety belt and press the back rest into locked position.

Soft cargo cover (option)

2351:5877|Hook in the hooks in the front load retaining eyelets by the floor. 6530:12434|Fit the front brackets in by pressing together the spring-loaded rail and fit it into place on both sides. 13505:19644|Fit the rear brackets in the same way. Hook in the hooks in the rear load retaining eyelets.

Hard cargo cover (option)

4040:9221|Retract all four lock pins by pulling the lock buttons to their end positions. 13557:18703|Align one of the rear locks and extend the lock pin by moving the lock button forwards. 19957:21812|Do the same thing with the other rear lock. 22700:29387|Extend the front lock pin, one at a time so that they move into their locking positions.

Raising the floor hatch

2089:7366|Fold up the floor panel and fasten it in the locking clips on both sides. 11284:14288|Fold up the flap on the cargo area cover. 14053:21263|Then fold up the floor panel and attach it to the hook on the underside of the cargo area cover.

Electrical sockets

809:4388|There are two 12 V electrical sockets in the car. 5224:10135|One in the centre console in the front and one on the rear side of the centre console.

Trip computer

888:5616|The trip computer can be accessed by turning the wheel on the left stalk. 7392:10396|The trip computer displays information about 10501:15751|Average speed, Stability and Traction Control (STC or DSTC) 15725:22674|engagement, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and distance to empty tank. 24346:30275|The distance is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the last 30 kilometers. 31111:35970|This means that if you start driving more aggressively it might not be totally accurate.

Left-hand stalk switch and Lighting panel

5067:11702|The direction indicators have a short flash option if you move the stalk switch up or down one step. 11937:14132|This is perfect when overtaking. 17475:21916|Turn the headlamp control clockwise to the end position for running lights. 22543:26958|Flash the main beam by moving the stalk gently towards the steering wheel. 30223:33985|In the lighting panel you can also adjust the height of the light beam. 34194:38269|Do this if the car is heavy loaded and the beam points too high.

Blind spot information system

1149:7732|The Blind Spot Information System is an option that will help you to notice vehicles in the blind spot. 7810:13714|When someone enters the blind spot either from behind or when you overtake another vehicle, 13714:15777|you get a indication light here.

Passenger airbag cut off switch

3631:9665|To use a child seat in the front seat, you MUST deactivate the passenger airbag. 10004:14602|To do this, open the passenger door and turn the switch to OFF. 15255:19565|You will get a reminder in the rear view mirror saying it's off.


2664:9221|When refueling you must first open the fuel filler door by pressing the button in the lighting panel. 10475:16091|You can hang the cap on the inside of the fuel filler door while refueling. 16953:22857|Close the cap until it clicks. Push in the door until it clicks in place.

Car care

1436:4649|This is an advice from Volvos paint experts. 4911:11311|They want you to take good care of your new car and says that it's best to hand wash the car during the first months.

The end!

783:3474|Very good. Ready for your first take? 3369:6635|Yeah sure, I just need a break and some more water, please. 7026:8411|Okay. Everybody, take five.

Plenty of muscle in a compact package

The Volvo C30 is a dynamic newcomer, introducing a revolutionary and futuristic appearance. The edgy design features a frameless glass tailgate, a confident stance and broad shoulders, giving the C30 plenty of muscle in a sporty and compact package without compromising on safety.

Introducing your Volvo
This film offers you a comprehensive and inspirational overview of your Volvo – how to operate the vehicle including visual guides to unique features and functions.

Downloadable Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide
Please note that the printed Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide supplied in your car have the most up-to-date information for your specific vehicle.

Volvo Selekt
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