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11760:15640|Hi, I’m Susan. Welcome to the first experience of your new Volvo. 15960:17560|I hope you are going to like what you see. 42320:49600|I’ve had the Volvo XC90 for some time and I’m very pleased with it. I would like to share some of my experiences with you. 49800:51600|Let’s go for a drive.

Steering wheel

640:9000|The first thing you want to do is to adjust the steering wheel. Just pull this lever and adjust the wheel up or down, in or out. 10000:14520|Then you will adjust your seats. This is a little different depending on what seats you have. 14920:18080|Please show me if you have a manual seat or a power seat.

Mechanical seat

800:3400|Okay, you have chosen the manual seats. 4000:13680|By the way, these seats are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever sat in. Adjustment is really simple. 14640:18400|Just pull this bar to move it forward or backward. 19480:28200|Raise or lower the front of the seat by pulling up or pressing down on this and tilt the backrest with this. 29400:37500| Move the seat up or down with this handle. The lumbar support is adjusted here.

Seat with memory function (option)

400:5320|Okay, you have chosen the optional power seats with three memory settings. 5920:12880|By the way, these seats are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever sat in. Adjustment is really simple. 13360:21560|Just press this button to move the seat forward or backward. Raise or lower the seat with this, and move the backrest with this. 22160:29080|Move the front of the seat cushion with this. Store your setting by pressing the memory button and setting 1. 29480:32880|The lumbar support is adjusted here. That’s it. 33600:40880|Now, this setting is activated along with the rear view mirror setting, every time this key and remote is used. 41200:43990|It’s really convenient if you share the car with someone else.

High idle speed

880:2200|Let’s start the engine. 5000:11800|Listen to the high idle speed. Some people think this is too high, but there is a reason for it. 12320:17960|It quickly raises the temperature in the exhaust system and that makes the exhausts cleaner and less harmful. 18200:21960|I think it’s smart and I don’t mind, if it’s good for the environment. 22000:22990|Let’s go

Automatic locking

9500:15440|If you want to use the automatic locking you activate it by pressing the central locking button for a few seconds. 16000:22880|The doors lock automatically when the vehicle speed exceeds 7 km/h. 22280:27880|They remain locked until you open one of the doors or press the central locking button.

Electronic climate control, ECC (option)

0:5920|Next I would like to show you the electronic climate control. It is very easy to use. 7120:18320|Press the Auto button to control the climate automatically. To set the temperature for the passenger side or the driver side, just turn the left or right knob. 19720:29320|To override the blower Auto setting, turn the blower knob. Change the air distribution by pressing one of the buttons in the symbol. 30280:35880|The air quality button toggles between Recirculation, Auto or Off. 36520:43920|I always leave the air-condition on, it makes the air quality better and it quickly removes fog from the windscreens.


0:7600|I always activate the rain sensor when there is a risk for rain. This way I don’t have to bother with the wipers. 8240:12580|The light in the button makes it easy to see if it’s on or off. 13580:20220|You might want to make an extra wipe now and then. Just flip the stalk upward. 20740:25780|But if you flip it downward you override the rain sensor and you have to activate it again.

Audio system

0:5080|I like to have music when I drive and the sound system in this car is incredible. 5480:12800|You have a Dolby Prologic II decoder for true surround effects from CD and MP3. 13720:20600|You can plug in your mp3 player in the auxiliary input and listen through the speakers. 21480:29600|The first time you might need to adjust the input volume. Just press the Menu button and choose AUX volume. 30800:34600|Then you adjust the volume by turning the selector knob. 36320:42400|Passengers in the backseat can listen to headphones and control the CD or radio from their own panels. 42800:48800|They can seek or change radio stations, they can fast forward or change CD tracks. 50400:57360|When driving I use the steering wheel buttons to control the CD and radio. I don’t even take my eyes from the road. 57800:63040|With a short press on the forward button I change CD tracks or preset radio station. 63440:68160| Press and hold to fast forward the CD player or search for radio stations. 68600:72280|The Volume control is straight forward, up or down.


1000:5100|Let’s stop for a while and I’ll show you some useful details. 6420:11900|I’ll start with the clock. You set it by turning this knob left or right. That’s it.

Trip meter

0:8440|There are two trip meters and you toggle between them with a short press on this knob. To reset the current, just make a long press.

Indicator, information and warning symbols

0:9600|In the main instrument you have information about fuel quantity, outside temperature and of course the trip computer. I’ll show you more later.

Storage compartment

0:7000|I want to show you the convenient storage compartments. There is one seat pocket for each front seat. 8520:13800|Then of course the lockable glove compartment, the cup holders and CD storage in the center. 14200:17800|You can actually fit 8 CD:s in there if you use it right. 21800:28200|The back seat passengers have their own cup holders and storage compartment in the doors and in the seat pockets. 28480:32400|The third row passengers have a center console for storage.

Rear seats

0:7560|At times you may want to transport long objects. For this purpose you can fold both back seat rows. 8120:14480|To fold the third row you slide the seat cushion to its rearmost position. Fold in the cargo eyes. 14920:18160|Fold the backrest and the head rest folds automatically. 18560:24160|To fold the second row, move the seats to their rearmost position. Fold the head restraint. 24520:30160|Release the catch and fold the backrest. Press down on the backrest to lock it.

Trip computer

2000:8800|We are going to head back and I will show you the trip computer and the Blind Spot Information System. 9920:15160|You find the trip computer in the main instrument by turning the ring on the left stalk. 15560:20800|There is one function that you might want to know more about; the distance to empty tank. 21520:26960|The distance is calculated from the average fuel consumption during the last 30 kilometers. 27360:32200| This means that if you start driving more aggressively it might not be totally accurate.

Blind Spot Information System, BLIS (option)

0:6320|The Blind Spot Information System is an option that will help you to notice vehicles in the blind spot. 6600:14000|When someone enters the blind spot either from behind or when you overtake someone, you get a warning light here.

Direction indicator

0:9600|The direction indicators have a short flash option if you move the stalk switch up or down one step. This is perfect when overtaking.

Active Bi-Xenon Lights (option)

0:5280|Well I hope you enjoyed it so far. Before you go there are a few more things to look at. 6000:16500|One of them concerns driving in the dark. It’s called Active BiXenon Light. It’s a simple feature, yet very powerful. 17500:25000|The Active BiXenon Light is activated when you turn on the ignition, but you can deactivate it here in the center console. 26040:27800|Let’s look at how it works. 27400:31400|Active BiXenon Light turn the headlights when you turn the steering wheel. 31680:37000|This way you get much better lighting in sharp turns and intersections.

Disabling the passanger airbag

0:5480|To use a child seat in the front seat, you MUST deactivate the passenger airbag. 5800:9120|To do this, open the door and turn the switch to OFF. 9440:13800|You will get a reminder in the rear view mirror saying it’s off.

Fuel filler flap

0:10320|The fuel filler flap is located on the right side rear wing. When you fill fuel you can hang the fuel cap on a clip in the fuel filler flap.

Paint care

0:5760|I always like to take care of my new cars and that means I wash them a lot. 6200:14880|I’ve learned from Volvos paint experts that it’s best to hand wash the car during the first months. Now that’s my last tip to you. 15560:17640|Thank you for taking your time. 17880:21560| If you want to know more, please explore the in-depth chapters. 21840:26640|I hope you will enjoy your new Volvo.

Powerful design and spectacular loading capacity

The Volvo XC90 represents the new generation of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), giving you a commanding view of the road and magnificent off-road capabilities together with world-class safety, car-like handling and the ultimate driving experience. Up to seven people travel comfortably, with space left over for luggage.

Introducing your Volvo
This film offers you a comprehensive and inspirational overview of your Volvo – how to operate the vehicle including visual guides to unique features and functions.

Downloadable Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide
Please note that the printed Owner’s Manual and Quick Guide supplied in your car have the most up-to-date information for your specific vehicle.

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