End of Life Vehicle Reprocessing

Volvo Car UK complies with all its "producer responsibility" obligations in respect of End of Life Vehicle legislation, which was introduced in 2005.  Working with Cartakeback.com Ltd, the UK's leading scrap car recycling service provider, Volvo ensures that owners of Volvo cars have access to a convenient national network of scrap car recycling centres (Authorised Treatment Facilities), when finally scrapping their cars. These scrap car recycling centres depollute and recycle cars to high environmental standards. The service is free of charge to the owner of the scrap car, who is issued with a statutory DVLA Certificate of Destruction, absolving them from any tax liability for the old car.

Go to www.cartakeback.com to find out how to take advantage of this convenient process, and how to get the best price for your scrap car from one of Cartakeback’s 300 plus scrap car recycling centres. Cartakeback deal similarly with our responsibilities under the Waste Batteries legislation.