Technical Literature & Helpdesk Service

For technical assistance regarding vehicle repair or diagnostics you can contact the Vehicle Technical Helpdesk service. To do this, telephone 01327 303630.

Payment: All fees will be charged in Euro's from Germany

A base Administration fee of 12 € per contact, plus a 5 € per minute fee will be charged. If you are VAT registered this will not be added to the charge, and you will need to reconcile this locally. If you are not VAT registered in the UK, a 20% German tax will be included. Any charges will be monthly in arrears:

Please note the Vehicle Technical Helpdesk are not able to research an issue then call you back. Any necessary research will be done whilst the call is in progress.

The Vehicle Technical Helpdesk service is available 10.30- 12.30 and 14.30-17.00 Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

Notes: Volvo Car UK Limited reserve the right to change the charging structure and costs at any time but will give one month's* notice before doing so. All charges are payable by credit card. The Vehicle Technical Helpdesk is unable to assist in any modification of the Volvo product outside its original specification or in the fitting of non-Volvo approved accessories. Assistance can only be given regarding Volvo approved repair methods, using Volvo approved tooling and a competence of Volvo products is assumed, all of which are available from Volvo Car UK Limited or its suppliers.

Vida Diagnostic Equipment
Please go to this site:

*One calendar month.