Human Innovations

Making people’s lives easier, safer, better.

Volvo’s philosophy has always been to put people first. To pioneer innovations for a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable future. What will people need? How will they drive? To answer these questions, it’s sometimes necessary to challenge convention, to find a new path. Delivering solutions that make people’s lives easier, safer, better comes as naturally as breathing. That’s the Volvo way.

Let us take you on a journey

Imagine how much safer your daily commute would be if your car could drive itself — by utilizing advanced radar and camera technology to keep an eye on traffic and brake and steer as needed. Our future ‘self driving’ autonomous cars will be able to do just that. And because they will regulate traffic flow and ease congestion, they’ll benefit the environment too. 

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Pilot Projects

Customer innovation

Making driving more enjoyable, safer and cleaner is at the forefront of our Pilot Projects thinking. We want to reduce complexity for you whenever and wherever we can.

Combining technology and innovation, our Pilot Projects test a range of solutions for the challenges we all face today, and in the future.

This section features technology under development by Volvo Cars. Future solutions may differ from these concepts.

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Efficient and environmentally aware

Anders Agfors, Senior Engineer, takes you on a journey through our Drive-E powertrains.

Our Future Thinking

The world is a fast-changing place, and at Volvo Cars we’re always thinking several steps ahead. So how could Volvo be enhancing your life in the future?