Luxury Redefined

The Swedish way to a better life.

Volvos are always evolving and becoming ever more advanced, but the focus is always to make driving as easy and enjoyable as possible. Yes, it’s complicated to make things this easy and confidence is required to remove, rather than to add. But it’s worth it. Life’s complicated enough.

Making driving safer

Leaders in safety

We are making the road a safer place for everyone. From inventing the three-point safety belt to self-driving cars, we are always looking ahead. Our vision is that by 2020 no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

Wouldn’t it be good to take the stress out of your daily drive? Our autonomous driving program for the future means that the car can look after the driving, allowing you to devote time to other personal duties. It’ll be safer and save fuel, too.

In good health

The attention to detail we afford the interior of our cars goes beyond material quality and aesthetics — we also want our cars to be an environment that is healthy, soothing, and luxurious in every sense. That’s why we even have a ‘scent team’ to make sure the experience inside every Volvo is fresh like a Swedish breeze.

Concepts made reality

With Volvo concept cars, you get a preview of the stunning design that becomes reality for our production cars. Our most recent award-winning concepts – the Concept Coupé, Concept XC Coupé and Concept Estate – contain unique design elements that have already appeared on the XC90 and will be even more visible in forthcoming models.

The striking “Thor’s Hammer” headlights that first appeared on these bold concept cars, for example, are both beautiful and functional. Also, the deep lustre of the Orrefors crystal gear lever creates a fantastic sense of luxury. And the gorgeous touch-screen that made its debut in the Concept Coupé is now a reality that brings an incredible level of intuitive control to new Volvo cars. 

You talk to us, we listen

The XC90 is designed around you. When we asked car buyers what they wanted from a luxury SUV, their priorities focused on good craftsmanship, function, beauty and feeling good. We listened…