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Why not make your Volvo V60 even more personal? In addition to the great driving experience, we offer a range of alloy wheels and our unique Exterior Styling Kit. If that’s not enough, you can now browse the internet or stream music with Sensus Connected Touch.

Exterior styling accessories

To give your car an even more personal and unique profile, Volvo has developed these Exterior Styling accessories, the front bumper bar, rear skidplate and side scuff plates that will add a dynamic elegance to your car.

Available in these colors

Matte silver

Iron stone

Terra bronze

Styling kit

Make your V60 even more expressive with this styling package. You get a premium fit and finish for all the accessories and you take the design of your Volvo to the next level. Includes front bumper bar, rear skidplate and side scuff plates.

Front bumper bar

Make a stylish, purposeful entrance with the front skidplate.

Side scuff plates

These side scuff plates add an extra touch of attitude to your V60.

Rear skidplate

Bringing a decidedly sporty note to the
rear of your V60, these rear skidplates
add to your car’s distinctive good looks.

Modin 8 x 18 in.
Diamond Cut
Glossy Black
Alloy Wheels

Modin 8 x 18 in.
Diamond Cut
Matte Iron Stone
Alloy Wheels

Modin 8 x 18 in.
Diamond Cut
Matte Terra Bronze
Alloy Wheels

Tech & Sound

With our Tech & Sound accessories you can get the full experience of sound and vision, safety and fun.

Sensus connected touch

With Sensus connected touch, you can transform your sensus 7-inch screen into a multi-media touch control panel. And when you need both hands on the steering wheel, you can access Sensus connected touch functions using the integrated steering wheel controls.

Rear seat entertainment

Rear seat passengers will enjoy their journey as never before with our new generation entertainment system, with LCD screens served by dedicated DVD players. Wireless headphones and one remote control are included, too.

Park assist camera, front blind view

There is nothing more challenging than trying to negotiate tight exits and junctions, which often have restricted visibility. We aim to make that easier for you with our Park assist camera, front blind view, which allows you to "see around corners" with a 180° fileld of vision to the left and right in front of you.

Engine Remote Start
Enjoy comfort and convenience - even before you get in your Volvo

Volvo's Engine Remote Start lets you heat up or cool down your vehicle before leaving your destination. Just press the buttons on your key remote and let the engine do the work.

Pack and Load

Practical or elegant, why compromise? With these pack and load accessories you get the best of both worlds and make your everyday life a little bit easier. To obtain your Volvo’s good looks some of them can even be color-coordinated to fit your car's color perfectly.

Detachable towbar

This durable and versatile tow bar has been specially designed for use with your Volvo. It’s easy to mount whenever you need it and when not in use it can be removed quickly and simply. And to maintain your Volvo’s good looks, there is a colour-coordinated cover for the towbar opening.

Roof load carriers

These specially designed load carriers fit neatly and securely onto your Volvo’s prepared roof rails. They’re easy to install and to combine with additional holders if required.

Safety grille

This gas-sprung steel grille helps protect you and your passengers from unsecured loads when braking sharply. When not required, the grille – which is color-coordinated with your interior – folds conveniently up against the roof.

Deco rear bumper

Our Deco Rear Bumper strip is a smart solution that helps keep your V60 in prime condition. Tough and designed to harmonize with your sportswagon’s design, this adhesive strip protects your rear bumper from scuffing, which can occur during loading.

Dog gate

To give your pet a place of its own, you can attach our safety grille to the rear backrest and combine this dog gate with the load compartment divider. Then you can open the tailgate without your dog leaping out. You can position the dog gate on the left or right side.

Tunnel mat

This mat made of natural rubber protects your Volvo’s original carpet from dirt and wear and tear. The mat follows the shape of the tunnel and is constructed of sturdy rubber with a subtle pattern on the upper side.

Rear seat cover

You can use the rear seat space as an extra loading area with this durable seat cover. It helps protect your upholstery if you need to carry dirty loads or a pet.

Expandable Roof Box

Our new Expandable roof box is versatile, aerodynamic and so small and stylish when folded that you might never need to remove it. Once expanded, the roof box easily accommodates groceries, suitcases, baby strollers, golf bags and much more. You can open the roof box from both sides. Max load 110 lbs. The roof box is secured to Volvo's load carriers.

Load compartment divider

Used together with the steel safety grille, this divides the load compartment into two sections – convenient if you want to carry your dog and luggage, or to separate dirty or fragile cargo from other cargo.

Towbar-mounted bicycle holder for 3-4 bikes

This high-quality bicycle holder features an excellent, lightweight design making it easy to handle and store. Using an adaptor, the bicycle holder’s capacity can be increased from three to four bikes. For safety and a contemporary look, the bicycle holder features LED rear lights.

Roof-mounted bicycle holder

A practical and stable holder for carrying your bike on the roof. Easy to use, this holder offers great value for money. It fits most bikes with round or oval frames up to 2.75 in. diameter. And you can lock it using Volvo’s One
Key System. Bicycle holder requires
Roof load carrier.

Towbar-mounted bicycle holder for 1-2 bikes

Our compact new bicycle holder is very easy to use, holds two bicycles and can be mounted on your car’s towbar in two easy steps. And when the holder is not being used, it’s easy
to store in your car or at home.


Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your passengers. And as you’d expect from us, our child safety products are available to ensure the comfort and safety of your little ones.

Child Booster Cushion and Backrest

Made from comfortable -- yet highly impact-absorbent material -- the booster cushion is designed to make sure children between the ages of 3-10 sit high enough so their safety belt fits properly. The adjustable backrest provides extra support for their back and neck, even greater protection in a rear-end collision and can also be tilted for sleeping.

Your Volvo. Only with more power

If you’d like to make driving your Volvo even more exhilarating, our Polestar Performance Software is the ideal solution. This Volvo-approved upgrade boosts your power and torque for a truly thrilling ride.

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