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T5 Drive-E FWD

Starting at $43,450 MSRP

  • Engines
    Starting at MSRP:



    2.0 Liter 4-Cylinder, Turbocharged, Direct-Injection


    Front Wheel Drive


    240 hp

    Horsepower Rev

    5600 rpm


    258 lb-ft

    Torque Rev

    1500 - 4800 rpm

  • Capacity
    Fuel Tank

    18.5 gal.


    14.9 cu.ft.


    5 Passengers


    3900 lbs.

  • Weight
    Total Weight
    Eight-speed Geartronic Automatic Transmission

    3719 lbs.

  • Fuel Economy
    Estimated MPG Highway

    37 mpg.

    Estimated MPG City

    25 mpg.

  • Interior Dimensions
    Head Room Front

    37.8 in.

    Head Room Rear

    38.3 in.

    Specifications_Key Head Room Third Row

    Shoulder Room Front

    57.4 in.

    Shoulder Room Rear

    56.3 in.

    Specifications_Key Shoulder Room Third Row

    Leg Room Front

    41.9 in.

    Leg Room Rear

    35 in.

    Specifications_Key Leg Room Third Row

    Hip Room Front

    1391 in.

    Hip Room Rear

    1389 in.

    Specifications_Key Hip Room Third Row

  • Standard
  • Included in a Trim or Package
  • Not Available

Destination Fee $995.

T5 Drive-E FWD

Starting at $43,450 MSRP

  • Engines
    Drive-E Engines

    Powerful, Compact, Efficient Engines
    Get the power you need with a four-cylinder engine that generates the equivalent output of a six or even eight-cylinder engine, but uses less fuel, emitting fewer harmful exhaust emissions, not to mention lower running costs.

    Four-cylinder Drive-E Turbocharged Engine (T5 FWD)

    2.0 Liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged, direct-injection, 240 hp, 258 lb-ft torque.

  • Transmission
    Brake Energy Regeneration

    Take advantage of energy. Every time you release the accelerator or brake while a gear is engaged, the braking energy that otherwise would be wasted is fed back to the battery. This reduces the average load of the alternator and results in 2–3% lower fuel consumption and in turn, lower CO2 emissions.

    ECO+ Functionality and Start/Stop Technology

    Imagine how much energy could be saved if every car, at every traffic light in the world, switched off its engine. Our Start/Stop technology does just that. Once your engine has warmed up, and you bring your car to a stop, the engine automatically shuts off. And the instant you press the gas pedal, the engine restarts and you’re on the go. It also helps reduce fuel consumption and CO₂emissions.

    Eight-speed Geartronic Automatic Transmission

    This Eight-speed Geartronic Automatic Transimssion ensures you're always in the right gear – whether it's for optimal engine response and driveability, or for a smooth driving experience with the highest fuel-efficiency.

    Front Wheel Drive

    Front wheel drive provides many advantages over rear wheel drive, such as low-speed traction on slippery surfaces, for example, getting started on a snowy road is a significant benefit of front wheel drive.

  • Chassis & Steering
    Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC)

    Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) is able to detect a potential skid and help counteract it by reducing the engine’s power output or braking on one or more wheels. DSTC uses a gyroscope that senses the car’s direction and compares it with steering wheel movements as well as the actual rotation of the car’s wheels.

    Sport Chassis

    Our Sport Chassis is lowered by 15 mm, it is perceptibly and materially different. The anti-roll bars, the rear dampers (monotube concept), 15% stiffer springs, quicker steering, a front strut brace and more have been sports-tuned for more road-hugging control.

  • Fuel Economy
    Estimated City/Hwy - Click to View


    T5 Drive-E FWD:
    Estimated MPG (City): 25
    Estimated MPG (Highway): 37
    Combined: 29 mpg

  • Trim Levels

    Harman Kardon Premium Sound System
    Active Dual Xenon Headlights w/Washers
    Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)
    Accent Lighting
    Convenience Package
    -Rear Park Assist Camera
    -Front & Rear Park Assist
    -Quick Fold Passenger Seat
    -Grocery Bag Holder
    Technology Package
    -Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist
    -Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake
    -Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake
    -Distance Alert
    -Driver Alert Control
    -Lane Departure Warning
    -Road Sign Information
    -Active High Beam

  • Available Packages
    Climate Package

    Heated Rear Seats
    Heated Windshield
    Heated Steering Wheel
    Heated Windshield Washer Nozzles

    Convenience Package

    Rear Park Assist Camera
    Front & Rear Park Assist
    Quick-fold Front Passenger Seat
    Grocery Bag Holder

    Inscription Package

    Sovereign Hide Leather Upholstery
    Leather Covered Dashboard
    Ventilated Front Seats
    Inscription Sill Plates & Floor Mats
    Inscription Aluminum Tread Plates
    Leather Front Tunnel Storage Cover

    Technology Package (Included in Platinum Trim)

    Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist
    Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake
    Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake
    Distance Alert
    Driver Alert Control
    Lane Departure Warning
    Road Sign Information
    Active High Beam

  • Preventive safety
    Active Bending Lights (ABL) with Dual Xenon Technology

    With the combination of Dual Xenon Headlights and the Active Bending Lights, you get a 90% boost to your vision around bends at night. It’s a very clever system, too – depending on the load in the car, the headlights self-adjust to maintain the correct angle to the road, even during hard acceleration or braking.

    Active High Beam (AHB)

    Active High Beam (AHB), included in the Technology Package uses a camera at the upper edge of the windshield to detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles or the taillights of a vehicle directly ahead. When this happens, the headlights will automatically switch from high beams to low beams. When the camera no longer detects the headlights/ taillights of other vehicles, your headlights will switch back to high beams after several seconds.

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Distance Alert

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) activated at speeds over 18 mph.
    -Select desired speed and minimum time gap to vehicle in front of you so the system can adjust the speed accordingly.
    -Distance Alert activates a red warning light in the lower section of the windshield to help you keep a proper distance.

    Anti-locking Brakes

    Our anti-locking brake system includes Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) helping you use your brakes to the fullest extent in case of an emergency situation, while Ready Alert Brakes (RAB) anticipates severe braking and prepares for it by moving the brake pads closer to the discs.
    Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) distributes the braking effect between the front and rear wheels to achieve optimal results according to load and driving conditions.

    City Safety Collision Avoidance Technology

    City Safety™ is a support system designed to help the driver avoid low speed collisions when driving in slow-moving, stop-and-go traffic. City Safety™ is active between 2 and 30 mph.
    -Applies the brakes automatically, thereby avoiding or helping to reduce the effects of a collision.
    -The system will not intervene in situations where the driver actively steers the vehicle or applies the brakes.
    -Activates in situations where the driver has not applied the brakes in time, which means that the system cannot help the driver in all situations.

    Driver Alert Control-Road Sign Information-Active High Beam

    -Driver Alert Control alerts the driver when their concentration level is affected.
    -Road Sign Information uses a forward camera detects speed limit and "no passing" signs. The actual sign is then displayed in the driver information module and can alert you with a visual warning if you exceed the speed limit.
    -Active High Beam uses a camera at the upper edge of the windshield to detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles or the taillights of a vehicle directly ahead and will automatically switch from high beams to low beams.

    Emergency Brake Light (EBL)

    If you encounter a situation and need to apply the brakes in a panic stop, the brake lights will flash at a rate of four times per second, which will telegraph a clear message to following traffic behind you that there’s a potential problem ahead. Once you slow to below 6 mph, the brake lights stop pulsing and your hazard lights take over.

    Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

    Lane Departure Warning signals when the car crosses road markings without obvious reason. The system is designed to address the risk of accidents caused by driver distraction.

    LED Daytime Running Lights

    Automatically activated during daylight, these energy efficient LED lights make your car more conspicuous. And when the low beam headlights are needed for illumination, they are automatically engaged by a twilight sensor.

    Road Sign Information (RSI)

    With RSI a forward camera detects speed limit and "no passing" signs. The actual sign is then displayed in the driver information module to help keep you constantly updated on current limitations. If you want, RSI can also alert you with a visual warning if you exceed the speed limit.

    Side Positioning Lights

    Integrated front and rear side positioning lights help alert other drivers to your car's presence.

  • Protective safety
    Airbags, Driver/Front Passenger

    In a frontal collision, the driver and passenger airbags help protect your head, face and chest. The airbags adapt the level of inflation depending on the force of the impact. The driver’s airbag also interacts with the deformation of the collapsible steering column.

    Anti-submarining Protection

    To help prevent passengers from sliding under and out of their safety belts in the event of an impact, the seats feature anti-submarining guards which are specially shaped panels angled upwards at the forward edge inside the seats.

    Collapsible Steering Column

    The steering column is an advanced part of the safety system, with the upper and lower sections giving way in a controlled manner in a frontal impact to help protect the driver.

    Energy-absorbing Frontal Structure

    The unique geometry of the frontal structure and longitudinal steel struts in the doors help disperse crash energy away from the front to the rear of the car, reducing impact effects on driver and passengers.

    Energy-absorbing Interior

    All the panels and door sides are padded with energy-absorbing materials to help reduce the risk of injury to the car’s passengers.

    Head Restraints

    Head restraints offer outstanding protection regardless of a person’s height, whether they are seated in the front or the rear.
    -Rear middle head restraint can be fully retracted into the backrest.
    -The outer head restraints can fold forward to improve rear vision.

    Inflatable Curtain (IC)

    In a frontal offset or side-on collision, the Inflatable Curtain (IC) helps protect the heads of both front and rear passengers who are sitting on the sides. It also stays inflated for several seconds to provide prolonged protection in the event of secondary impacts.
    -For the optional integrated booster seat* in the, IC has been extended downward to improve head protection for smaller or younger children.

    *Only available for:
    V60 Cross Country

    Protection of Unprotected Road-users

    To help reduce the effects from an impact on unprotected road-users, the front of the vehicle is gently rounded, the headlights are integrated flush with the body, and the hood is energy-absorbing to act as a crumple zone.

    Reinforced Passenger Compartment

    Our passenger compartment is reinforced with a great amount of one of the strongest steel types available – boron steel.
    -In a collision, this steel helps to dissipate the energy of the crash to reduce the impact on those inside the car.

    Safety Belts with Pre-tensioners and Load Limiters

    Pre-tensioners activate to tighten safety belts within fractions of a second in the event of a collision. The safety belts at the first and second row's outer positions then release a little to give less strain on the upper body. This also gives optimal belt pressure reduction for children at the outer second row seats and at the integrated booster cushion.*

    *Booster cushion only available for:
    V60 Cross Country

    Side Impact Protection System (SIPS)

    The extremely strong side structure contains ultra-high strength steel and softer grades of steel to help withstand a severe side impact – even with a larger vehicle.

    Side Impact Airbags for Driver and Front Passenger

    In a side-collision, the side airbags inflate instantly to help protect the chest and hip. The side airbags are located in the ideal spot on the front seatback.

    Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)

    Integrated in the front seats, Volvo's unique Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) cradles the spine and neck in a controlled manner. The system is activated by a collision of sufficient force from behind. Since its introduction in 1998, it has helped reduce long-term consequences by more than 50%.

  • Child safety
  • Child safety equipment
    ISOFIX/Latch Attachment System

    With ISOFIX/Latch, the child safety seat becomes part of the car's body structure, making it easily installed, adjusted and removed. The seat frame clicks into place with the ISOFIX/Latch connector between the cushion and the backrest, with an indicator light confirming a correct connection. The car is prepared for ISOFIX/Latch attachments on the outer rear seats.

  • Security

    The alarm is connected to the doors, hood, trunk/tailgate and ignition. It also reacts to movement inside the car or the breaking of a window.

    Approach and Home Safe Lighting

    Press the remote control button when you approach the car and the path to the car and it's surrounding will be lightened up consisting of parking lights, interior lights and ground lighting too. When you leave the car, press the headlight stalk and the low beam headlights will light your path for 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

    Emergency Truck Release

    All Volvos are equipped with a fluorescent handle on the inside of the trunk lid, which can be used in an emergency situation to open the trunk from the inside.

    Homelink® Remote Garage Door Opener

    Homelink® Remote Garage Door Opener is an advanced system that can be programmed to learn the codes of three different remote-controlled devices (e.g., garage door openers, remote lighting, entry door lock).

    Immobilizer and Theft-protected Locks

    Not only will the door locks withstand most break-in attempts, the electronic immobilizer makes it impossible to start the car without the right key. And even if a would-be thief manages to get into the car, via the window, for example, the deadlock system makes it impossible to open the door from the inside.

    Keyless Drive

    Start your Volvo with your remote control in your pocket. As long as your remote control is inside the car, you can start the engine simply by turning the start knob on the tunnel console while depressing the brake pedal.

    Remote-controlled Central Locking System

    A touch of a button on the remote control unlocks the doors and tailgate. Use the personal settings menu to decide if the remote unlocks the driver’s door first, or all doors at the same time.

    Volvo On Call

    The Volvo On Call app lets you access your car’s dashboard, plus get your door lock status, fuel level, maintenance warnings and much more! Push the Volvo On Call button or use your mobile app to speak to an operator, who can dispatch assistance to your GPS location if you require roadside assistance. If a collision is detected, your Volvo alerts a trained operator to contact the vehicle and send emergency service.

  • Seats
    Folding Two-split 60/40 Rear Seat

    When a journey includes both cargo and passengers, just fold down part or all of the two-split rear seat.

    Heated Front Seats

    Essential for those early morning winter starts, you can set the heating to two positions using buttons on the center console.

    Heated Front Seats are either included in a Climate Package or are also available on most models as a single option.

    Heated Rear Seats

    Heated Rear Seats are also available for the two outer seating positions, with individual controls.

    Power Front Driver Seat w/Memory

    Power adjustment for the driver’s seat and door mirrors to attain your perfect position. Your Volvo then saves the settings. Every time you use your remote control for the central locking, the seat and door mirrors will automatically adjust to your preferences. You can save up to three different seat and door mirror settings by using the buttons on the seat.

    Quick Fold Front Passenger Seat

    To enable you to carry very long objects inside your Volvo, the front passenger seat backrest can be conveniently folded flat as an option.

  • Climate
    Adjustable Rear Air Vents

    Air vents that are conveniently located in the door pillars at face level create a comfortable environment for rear seat passengers. They also keep ice and mist off the rear side windows, which makes for a safer journey.

    Electronic Climate Control (ECC)

    Electronic Climate Control (ECC) maintains the cabin temperature you choose and can be set independently for the driver and front passenger.

    Heated Steering Wheel

    Need a little help thawing out those cold winter mornings? Just push a button and warm your hands on our heated steering wheel.

    Heated Windshield

    Thanks to our heated windshield, with the push of a button, the windshield will start de-icing immediately.

    Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)

    Volvo's IAQS continuously monitors incoming air and will, if necessary, temporarily close external air vents to shut out carbon monoxide, ground-level ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Meanwhile, an active carbon filter protects the occupants from other harmful gases and unpleasant odors. This helps to ensure that the air you breathe in the car is cleaner than that outside when driving in heavy city traffic and tunnels.

    Power Glass Moonroof

    This power glass moonroof adds a further dimension of airiness and light to the interior. And if the sun is in your eyes, just pull out the integrated sunblind. The moonroof can be opened or closed at the touch of a button in the roof console.

    Tinted Windows

    Help cut glare and keep cabin temperatures down in hot, sunny conditions.

  • Storage
    Front Door Panel Storage Pockets

    Both driver and front seat passenger have door panel storage pockets.

    Illuminated Lockable Glovebox

    As well as being lockable and illuminated, the glovebox also comes with pencil and credit card holders.

    Rear Center Armrest w/Cupholders and Storage

    For more comfort, the rear center armrest can be folded down, revealing cupholders and clever storage.

    Versatile Front Center Armrest

    The center console of your Volvo’s cabin is a versatile space with useful storage under the armrest, as well as recesses for smaller items. The armrest also features an AUX input and – depending on your choice of audio system – a USB port to connect your MP3 player or mobile phone to the car’s audio system. Folding back the upper part of the armrest will provide a convenient table for the rear seat passengers.

  • Driver's support
    Accent Lighting

    Good lighting is the key to creating the right atmosphere. Our Accent Lighting illuminates any features you might need to find at night. A sophisticated white glow ensures you’ll never have to fumble in the dark for cupholders or feel around blindly in the door pockets. The overall effect is very warm and cozy.

    Adaptive Digital Display

    The Adaptive Digital Display is an electronic instrument cluster providing you an opportunity to choose from one of three themes and contains additional functionality over a standard analog cluster.
    • The "Elegance" theme has a traditional appearance.
    • The "Eco" theme features a green background illumination, designed to create an environmentally inspired look.
    • The "Performance" theme has a red background and in the center, a tachometer replaces the speedometer and vehicle speed is shown digitally.

    Ambient Temperature Gauge

    Monitors the outside temperature and warns you if there is any risk of black ice.

    Automatically Dimmed Interior Mirror

    Ending the need to take your hand off the steering wheel and stop headlight beams shining in your eyes, the anti-dazzle function is stepless and returns to normal when it's no longer needed.

    Cruise Control

    Conveniently operated from the steering wheel, cruise control allows you to drive in a more relaxed way without having to keep your foot on the accelerator. The car maintains the speed you choose until you turn off the cruise control or press the brake or accelerator. After braking, the car returns to its previous cruising speed at the touch of a button.

    Front and Rear Park Assist

    Activated when you engage reverse gear, rear park assist helps you when reversing into tight spaces. The audio system is turned down and a pulsating sound from the rear loudspeakers becomes a continuous tone as you approach an obstacle. Front park assist performs a similar function at the front of the vehicle. The remaining distance is also shown in the center console color display.

    Heated Windshield

    Thanks to our heated windshield, with the push of a button, the windshield will start de-icing immediately.

    Heated Washer Nozzles

    Get your washer fluid free-flowing for your winter driving.

    Illuminated Vanity Mirror

    Located in the sun visors, lights come on when you open the vanity mirror cover – convenient and practical.

    Power Parking Brake (PPB)

    The Power Parking Brake (PPB) makes moving off from steep gradients easier. Just press the PPB button, engage DRIVE or your first gear and pull away. The PPB will release automatically.

    Power Retractable Exterior Mirrors

    To protect your door mirrors from damage, press both buttons for the left and right mirror at the same time to fold them flat against the car. They can also be set to fold or unfold automatically every time you lock or unlock the car. And to facilitate parking, the door mirror on the passenger side can tilt automatically (or by the push of a button) to show you the curb when reversing.

    Power Windows

    The power windows have controls conveniently located in the door armrests. The front windows can be lowered or raised with a quick press or pull of a button, and you can lock the back windows from the driver’s seat if you’re travelling with small children.

    Rain Sensor

    Once activated, the rain sensor can start the windshield wipers as soon as it begins to rain or if water splashes onto the window. For your convenience, it can also automatically adapt the intermittent-wiper function. Its sensitivity can be adjusted via a ring on the wiper stalk.

    Rear Park Assist Camera

    The Rear Park Assist Camera helps display what’s going on behind your car. Using a digital camera discretely located under the tailgate handle, it shows a wide view behind your car on the center display. On-screen guiding lines provide extra assistance for smooth parking. You can also switch the camera to a zoomed-in view close to the car – very convenient when hitching a trailer, for example.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    Properly inflated tires are important for both handling and low fuel consumption. To help you keep tabs on inflation pressure, tire pressure monitoring technology uses sensors mounted in each tire valve. At speeds from 19 mph and upwards, you will be alerted if the pressure is too low.

    Trip Computer

    Operated via the indicator stalk, the trip computer shows current and average fuel consumption, how far the fuel will take you and average speed – helping you drive more economically.

    Windshield Ticket Holder

    Volvo’s nifty windshield ticket holder allows you to place your parking ticket stub conveniently in your windshield.

  • Communication
    Sensus Connect

    Sensus Connect is an innovative technology that converts your in-dash screen into an internet connected infotainment hub, giving you access to a host of convenient in-car apps for your entertainment, navigation, control, connectivity and service.

    Volvo On Call

    The Volvo On Call app lets you access your car’s dashboard, plus get your door lock status, fuel level, maintenance warnings and much more! Push the Volvo On Call button or use your mobile app to speak to an operator, who can dispatch assistance to your GPS location if you require roadside assistance. If a collision is detected, your Volvo alerts a trained operator to contact the vehicle and send emergency service.

  • Audio
  • Audio systems
    Harman Kardon Premium Audio

    Together with Harman Kardon, our audio experts created one of the best sounding car audio systems in its class.
    Up to 12 loudspeakers deliver an exceptional and effortless sound reproduction across the entire frequency range of music.
    This state-of-the-art sound system features our Sensus Connect solutions that turn the integrated multimedia screen into an internet-connected infotainment hub.
    The Harman Kardon Premium Sound is included in Platinum Trims and available on most models as a single option as well.

    High Performance Audio

    We designed this powerful and versatile 4x45W audio system with eight loudspeakers to provide excellent sound reproduction and high power – quite simply a superb sound. The integrated multimedia screen, CD/MP3 player, FM/AM RDS radio, AUX input and advanced media technology such as Bluetooth® and USB connectivity make this a audio level a complete platform for your in-car entertainment.

  • Audio equipment
    Audio Streaming

    The integrated Bluetooth® technology allows wireless communication and streaming of music files. Simply connect your Bluetooth® compatible mobile phone to your audio system and enjoy the music files stored in your phone. Songs and artists are shown on the integrated color screen.

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio w/6-Month Introductory Subscription

    Everything worth listening to is now on SiriusXM Satellite Radio with over 130 digital-quality channels, including 69 channels of 100% commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, weather and data.

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio-equipped vehicles include a 6 month introductory subscription.

    Steering Wheel Controls

    Adjust the volume, switch radio stations or play the previous or next track without taking your hands off the wheel. With illuminated buttons and scroll-wheel control for intuitive use.

    USB and iPod® Music Interface w/MP3 Compatibility

    There are a number of ways in which you can enjoy MP3 music files in your Volvo.
    -The CD player, connecting your MP3 player to the audio system, the auxiliary audio input (AUX) and USB. Volume is conveniently controlled from the steering wheel or center console. Playlists, songs and artists are clearly displayed on the center console, while your player is charged at the same time.

  • Interior styling
  • Leather upholstery
    Off-Black Leather (2701)

    Soft Beige Leather (271T)

  • Inscription Perforated Soft Leather upholstery
    Inscription Chestnut Soft Leather (2G0N)

    Inscription Soft Beige Soft Leather (2G1T)

    Inscription Soft Off-Black Soft Leather (2G01)

  • Steering wheels
    3-Spoke Leather Steering Wheel w/Deco Inlay

    Heated Steering Wheel

    Need a little help thawing out those cold winter mornings? Just push a button and warm your hands on our heated leather steering wheel.

    Wood Steering Wheel

    Not available w/Climate Package.

  • Gear knobs
    Illuminated Gearshift Knob

  • Inlays
    Dark Walnut Wood Inlays

  • Other interior styling
    Inscription Sill Plates & Floor Mats, Ventilated Front Seats

    -Ventilated Front Seats works with built-in fans drawing air through the perforated leather upholstery in both the cushions and seat backs. The front seat ventilation can be set to three levels.
    -Inscription Illuminated Sill Plates and Floor Mats add a further touch of refinement.
    -Leather Covered Front Tunnel Console.

    Sovereign Hide Leather Upholstery

    Inscription Extended Content Includes:

    - Extended Soft Leather surfaces: back of seat, headrest and center armrest.
    - Inscription logo embroidered on front headrests.
    - Inscription luxury inlay mats.
    - Inscription sill plates with logo.

    Leather Covered Dashboard

  • Exterior styling
  • Exterior colors
    019 Black Stone

    614 Ice White

    467 Magic Blue Metallic

    487 Ember Black Metallic

    492 Savile Grey Metallic

    707 Crystal White Pearl Metallic

    711 Bright Silver Metallic

  • Wheels
    18 x 8.0 Magni Alloy Wheels

    19 x 8.0 Bor Diamond Cut/Matt Black Alloy Wheels

  • Body styling
    Exterior Chrome Accents

    Balancing prominence and discretion, this exclusive chrome finish in the foglight panel, lower air grille, door strips and chrome trim below the rear lights.

  • Load compartment
    Grocery Bag Holder

    Folds up from the load compartment floor to accommodate shopping bags or other cargo – secure with hooks and an elastic strap. When not in use, it's hidden.

    Load Hatch, Rear Seat

    The load hatch accommodates long and awkward items, such as skis, which can be placed through the hatch between the rear seats.

  • Load securing
    Load Securing Loops

    Part of our load safety system, the loops help you secure cargo to the load compartment floor. Use our available load securing straps or the luggage net.

  • Inside
    Cabin Filter

    Preventing dust, pollen and exhaust particles from entering the cabin via the ventilation system, the cabin filter is a real benefit to driver and passengers prone to hay fever or other allergies.

    Materials Tested for Contact Allergies

    Several interior metal details are tested with regard to contact allergies, and comply with the same standards for nickel leakage as high quality jewelry.

  • Outside
    Fuel-saving Design

    Better design really can make a difference. To reduce energy losses from wind and rolling resistance, we use advanced aerodynamics, lightweight materials and low friction technology. Together with our state-of-the-art engines, this adds up to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for your car.

    Clean Colors

    To reduce usage of environmentally hazardous solvents, all Volvo exterior colors are water-based. What’s more, our painting facilities are among the cleanest in the world.

    85% Recyclable

    To help minimize our cars’ total environmental impact, every Volvo is designed to aid the recovery and recycling process at the end of its useful life.