An award winning overseas experience

Volvo Overseas Delivery not only gives you the chance to pick up your Volvo from where it was made, but also offers you discounted travel options as well.          

Your delivery experience

Overseas Delivery is a first-class experience with an itinerary designed by Volvo exclusively for you.

Welcome to Sweden!

Begin your adventure in Gothenburg – the hometown of Volvo and Sweden’s second-largest city located only a couple of hours drive from Stockholm. This vibrant yet cozy city has all the cosmopolitan trappings you’d desire, including Michelin-starred restaurants, a homegrown music scene, and gracious public spaces. At the same time, nature is never far away. West Sweden serves up a smörgåsbord of delights: about 8,000 myriad rocky islands crowds its coastline, colorful fishing villages hark back to the 18th century herring trade; and some of the world´s tastiest seafood practically jumps on to your plate here. All of that plus the open fields, the vast forests and the beautiful lakes makes the region of West Sweden a delight to tour. 

Or... you can begin your adventure with our Kingdom of Glass tour where you’ll visit the forests of Småland — an area of Sweden best known for its exhilarating glasswork. Along the way, you'll cross the Baltic Sea and arrive in Oland, a paradise for nature-lovers and bird-watchers. This is just one of the tour packages we offer through our travel agency, but the possibilities for adventure are endless. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the wonders you can experience on your trip! We also have sample itineraries you can download below, to give you some more ideas as you plan your vacation. 

If you would like more information on Sweden, please visit our friends at, and

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Volvo Overseas Delivery

Home Shipment program

Bringing home your Volvo

Volvo handles most of the charges to ship your new Volvo to your local U.S. dealer. In fact, shipping from Gothenburg is free of charge. For other drop-off points, you only pay to transport your Volvo to the final leading port. For tourists, the Volvo Home Shipment Program is only valid for 6 months.

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Alternative Delivery Centers

We recommend taking delivery in Gothenburg at the Factory Delivery Center, but for an additional charge you can also pick up your new Volvo from any one of our delivery centers throughout Europe, shown below:

Hague, The Netherlands - $980
Helsinki, Finland - $1,230
Bishop’s Stortford, England - $950
Stockholm, Sweden - $950
Paris, France - $1,185
Berne, Switzerland (Diplomats only) - $1,200
Portugal, Lisbon - $1,080
Berlin, Germany - $1,140
Gothenburg, Sweden - Free delivery
Brussels, Belgium - $950
Geneva, Switzerland- $1,200
Vienna, Austria - $1,260
Copenhagen, Denmark - $995