Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I join Volvo Service Advantage (VSA)?
There’s no enrollment necessary. Customers who continue to service their Volvos at an authorized dealer will automatically get to take advantage of the tremendous values offered by VSA.

Software Update

So, anytime a car needs software, it's free?
No. If the software required is for a repair or new accessory installation, there will be a charge to the customer.

Is my 1999 S80 covered under the Complimentary Software Update?
No. Only select model year 2000 and newer models are covered.

What are the benefits of performing the software updates and what does this mean in practice?
As you probably know, there are many small computers in today’s cars. And like most computers, the software might need an update from time to time. Technical advancements move quickly nowadays, so it's difficult to specify exactly what an update in a particular car entails. It may involve things like optimizing the engine management system for increased efficiency, optimizing the climate control for airflow and temperature management or improving automatic transmission gear shifting quality. Volvo is continually developing new software and providing updates is a way for us to ensure that your car is operating at its best.

Will I notice any differences in the driving characteristics of my car?
As explained above, it's difficult to specify exactly what an update will mean in your particular car. However, if your vehicle was in good repair to begin with, there may not be anything you notice in normal day-to-day driving.

I’ve done some aftermarket software-tuning to my car. What happens when you download the Volvo Complimentary Software Update?
The aftermarket tuning you’ve done may be overwritten; in which case, the engine will operate within Volvo specifications. In some cases, the ECM (Engine Control Module) may become disabled and require replacement to get the engine started. Volvo does NOT recommend upgrading cars with aftermarket tuning software for this reason.

My car had a control unit replaced by an independent repair shop and they used a component from a salvaged vehicle. Will this affect the software download?
Yes, if the control unit used was an incorrect part number for the specific build date of your vehicle. In these cases, either a software package may not be delivered or, in some rare cases, the control unit may become disabled and require replacement with the correct part number.

Which customer settings might be affected after the Software Upgrade?
The clock and radio presets, mirror and power seat memory (in vehicles so equipped), and any setting in the infotainment system menu that has been altered by the customer from the factory default value. Information on the settings can be found in your Owner's Manual. Alternatively, your Volvo dealer can offer guidance in resetting these parameters.

My car’s fuel gauge reads “empty” and I know it has fuel. Why?
This is normal when the Driver's Information Module (on some newer models) has received updated software. The fuel gauge will readjust itself to the right level after a few minutes of driving.

My seat belt reminder behaves differently than before the Software Update was performed. Why?
The seat belt reminder logic resides in the Driver's Information Module, which has been updated. The new logic meets the latest Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Is it possible to downgrade to an earlier software version after a completed download?
No. A software downgrade is not possible.

Should I expect any problems with my vehicle if I do not have the update performed?
No. These updates are not intended to prevent any specific failure.

Complimentary Diagnostics

If my car has a rattle in the door for example, does that fall under Complimentary Diagnostics?
No. Only owners experiencing a Check Engine Light or other Warning Indicator will receive complimentary computer diagnostics and an estimate for any necessary repair without obligation. A rattle does not fall into this category and would involve a charge.

My Check Engine Light came on but went out on its own. Can I still get a free diagnosis from the dealer if the warning light is not actively on to see what codes may have been saved?

Alternative Transportation

What is considered alternative transportation?
When you drop off your Volvo for service or maintenance, we want to offer you a short term transportation solution. This could be a shuttle ride to your home or office; access to a rental vehicle; or possibly a loaner.

Is the alternative transportation solution free?
In most cases, a complimentary solution will be offered. There may be a charge for a loaner or rental vehicle, and it varies by retailer.

Personal Service Contact

What is meant by a Personal Service Contact?
In most cases, this person is your Service Advisor. He or she should be your single point of contact at the dealership and guide you through the entire service process.

Should I always contact or request the same Service Advisor?
That’s your choice. In most cases, once a Service Advisor becomes familiar with you and your Volvo, they can help facilitate the service process and anticipate your unique needs.

Car Wash

Should I expect a free car wash every time I visit the dealership for service or maintenance?
Yes, we want you to leave the dealership with a clean Volvo. However, there may be times when a Volvo dealer will offer a voucher for a local car wash in the area. Please check with your local dealer for details as offers may vary.

My Volvo dealer can’t wash cars because of local ordinance restrictions, what should I do?
In most cases, they will offer you a voucher for a local car wash facility in the area.

Parts Warranty

Do I receive a Two-Year Warranty on parts that are replaced due to an accident?
Yes, if the repair is performed at a Volvo dealer or Volvo Certified Body & Paint Service Center. Parts sold to, and installed by non-Volvo certified body shops, receive a one-year warranty on the parts only.

My car was repaired at a Volvo Certified Body & Paint Service Center, and subsequently, a part failed within the warranty period. Is the labor covered for the replacement?

My car was repaired at a non-Volvo certified body shop, and subsequently, a part failed within the warranty period. Is the labor covered for the replacement?
Not by Volvo.

If I have a part replaced under my New Car Warranty that has six months left, is the replacement part covered for the remaining six months or two years?
The part is covered for the remainder of the New Car Warranty (in this example, for six months) since you (the customer) didn't pay for the part.

I had a part replaced by a Volvo dealer 13 months ago. Is that part still under warranty?
Parts replaced beginning Jan. 1, 2011 will receive the Two-Year Parts Warranty. Parts replaced prior to Jan. 1, 2011 will receive the One-Year Parts Warranty.

Do parts sold over the counter qualify for the Two-Year Parts Warranty coverage?
No, they come with a One-Year Parts Warranty.

Volvo On Call Advantage

I just serviced my Volvo at a dealer and then sold it to my neighbor. Will the new owner be eligible to receive the discounted On Call Advantage since the car was serviced at a dealer in the past 12 months?
No. Only owners who currently service at a Volvo dealer are eligible for the discounted On Call Advantage offer. When the new owner brings the car in for service at a Volvo dealer , they will be able to get a form for the special discounted offer.

What offer is available for loyal customers who purchased Volvo On Call Advantage Roadside Assistance at the current price?
You can request a pro-rated refund of their current contract from Cross Country Automotive Group/Volvo On Call Advantage, and re-enroll in the Volvo Service for Life discounted offer.

What is the definition of a loyal customer?
A customer who has had their Volvo serviced at an authorized Volvo dealer at least once within the last 12 months.

When purchasing the discounted Volvo On Call Advantage Roadside Assistance, do I need to provide proof of service from a Volvo dealer?
Yes. You must attach a copy of a recent Volvo Repair Order (invoice) dated within the last 12 months.

Can I pay the yearly subscription for On Call Advantage with a credit card, by phone?
No. The discounted On Call Advantage coverage can only be obtained by mailing the form obtained from your Volvo dealer along with a check for the stated amount and a copy of a recent Volvo Repair Order (see above), to the address shown on the form.

Can I renew the Volvo On Call Advantage at the discounted price?
Only if you are a loyal Volvo service customer and have had your vehicle repaired or maintained at an authorized Volvo dealer within the last 12 months. (Please note that you must get a form from your Volvo dealer .)