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    Buy Car in Europe

    Buy a Car in Europe

    Great Savings For Non-EU Citizens When Buying a Car in Europe

    Non-EU citizens can enjoy great discounts when buying a new car in Europe. Volvo offers a number of special sales programs – great deals, no matter if you work/temporarily live in Europe or if you just want to travel in Europe as a tourist. Take your new car home to USA or Canada – check out the Volvo Home Shipment Program.

    Find below the best car offer with the best discount for your European adventure.

    1) Working in Europe?

    Volvo Cars has three sales program for customers working in Europe.

    • Volvo Cars Expat Sales – When you temporarily work in Europe
      When you are assigned abroad, in Europe or elsewhere, you are most likely eligible to expat (or expatriate) benefits. For example, when you buy a car from Volvo you get great tax free factory prices, and on top of this: great savings on equipment packages, single options, accessories and more. And of course, if you prefer home shipment of your car from Europe to USA or Canada, our professional staff will take care of it.


    • Volvo Cars Diplomat Sales – Embassies and international organizations in Europe
      Volvo Cars has been serving the diplomatic community since the 1950's and has one of the market leading programs. When you are assigned in Europe you can buy a car with substantial benefits. Learn more about our Diplomat Package, specially designed for diplomats assigned in Europe. Use the car in your current location in Europe and/or ship it back from Europe to USA or Canada.


    • Volvo Cars Military Sales – US Military personnel stationed in Europe
      This sales program is designed for US Military personnel serving at bases around the world. In Europe the most common locations are Germany and Italy. Catch the opportunity and buy a car in Europe with great discounts and special offers. Use the car in your current location in Europe and/or ship it back from Europe to USA or Canada.



    2) Tourist in Europe?

    Purchase a Volvo – Get a vacation! 

    Pick up your new Volvo in Europe with great savings on the car (vs US MSRP) and get flight ticket and hotel free of charge! An amazing offer and a truly unique way of buying a car and travelling in Europe. 

    Volvo Cars has European Delivery program both for US citizens and Canadian citizens.

    • US Citizens – Volvo Overseas Delivery
      Go to Europe to pick up your new customized Volvo. On top of great MSRP savings, Volvo offers you two round-trip tickets, a 1st class hotel night and shipping to USA free of charge! And while in Europe, why not go for a road trip with your new car?


    • Canadian Citizens – Volvo European Delivery Program
      European Delivery is a unique way to buy your custom-built Volvo as well as a unique way to see more of Europe. You can collect your Volvo in Europe, drive it while exploring your favorite destinations and then have it delivered in Canada after your return. And that is not all the program offers. You'll receive a variety of added incentives, including complimentary round-trip tickets and the opportunity of our special VIP Factory Delivery experience in Gothenburg, Sweden, the home of Volvo.



    Volvo Home Shipment Program

    Learn more about home shipment from Europe to USA or Canada.

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