Bluetooth phone compatibility - Sensus Connect


  1. Press OK/MENU, select Make car discoverable and confirm with OK/MENU.
  2. Search with the external device for Bluetooth®  devices. The device will now search for available Bluetooth®, which can  take approximately one minute.
  3. Select the car's name on the external device's screen.
  4. Check that the specified number code in the car matches that in the external device. In which case, choose to accept in both places.
  5. Choose in the phone to accept or reject any options for phone contacts and messages. > The external device is now connected. Once the external device is connected, its Bluetooth® name appears on the car's display screen and the unit can be controlled from the car.

Check your phone's compatibility with your Volvo's Bluetooth System. Choose Region and phone in the dropdown menu below to view or select your car model and follow the instructions.