Financial services

A financial package that suits your needs make a big difference when it comes to overall ownership experience. And just as you’d expect from Volvo, we have a solutions to make your life easier.

Volvo Car Financial Services offers a complete online shopping experience. You can calculate instalments, determine affordability, apply for finance, sign your contract digitally and manage your account online.

Financing options

Instalment sale:

With an instalment sale, the asset is sold to you and payment of the purchase price is made by you in instalments over an agreed term. Ownership will however only pass to you once you have paid all the amounts due in terms of the agreement. Financing periods can be structured from 12 - 60 months or longer dependant on your personal needs and financial profile.

Financing Insurance

Volvo Car Financial Services offer various insurance products that can assist in making the ownership of your vehicle a risk-and-hassle free undertaking.

Comprehensive Insurance
If you acquire an asset under a credit agreement, you are obliged to take out comprehensive insurance. You'll be delighted to hear that arranging comprehensive insurance through us involves no paperwork!

If your vehicle is written off or stolen; this policy pays the difference between what the insurer pays out, and what you owe the finance house. It protects your wallet!

Customer Protection Plan
This life policy protects you and your family by settling your loan in the event of your death or disability, or if you are diagnosed with a dread disease. If you are retrenched, the policy covers your monthly payments.

Health Credit Policy
This is an affordable policy that will settle your loan in the event of your death or disability.

Vehicle Warranty
The costs of unforeseen mechanical breakdown repairs are covered for you by this insurance.

Deposit Protector
An insurance payout is often not enough to cover the deposit that you originally put down on your credit agreement. This product covers the deposit you paid if your vehicle is written off or stolen.

Return To Invoice
If your vehicle is stolen or written off, Return To Invoice will cover the difference between the original purchase price you paid and the insured value of your vehicle.

Retrenchment Insurance
This straightforward insurance covers your monthly payments over a period if you are retrenched

SMART is highly affordable cover for all those unexpected little scratches and dents. 

Finance Application Process

The first step towards obtaining your new vehicle is to apply online for finance. Within seconds you will receive an online credit decision on your application. If approval is granted, our professional staff will assist in validating personal information, finalising the contract and arrange vehicle delivery.

The following information is required, to make things easier, please have it on hand:

·   Details of the vehicle you intend purchasing

·   Your income details including your monthly tax

·   Your monthly expenses



· Vehicle repayment calculator

What will my repayments be? The vehicle repayment calculator will assist you in calculating the monthly repayments on a vehicle. You also have the option of calculating the cost of related bank insurance products.

·  Vehicle purchase price calculator What amount can I afford to spend? With the vehicle purchase price calculator you can work out the value of a vehicle that you could buy based on a specified monthly repayment.


Apply Online

Once you have completed the application you will receive an automatic system response advising you of the outcome of your application

For any finance related queries or questions, please contact:

Telephone: 0861 137 137


Fax: 0861 101 833

Hours: Weekdays 8am to 5pm

Saturdays 8am to 12pm


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