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  • Intelligent cars avoid accidents

    The aim with tomorrow's cars is, quite simply, that they be able to avoid accidents. The core of Volvo's 2020 Vision is to build cars so safe as to completely eliminate the risk of fatal or serious injuries. And every advance in Volvo's safety systems is another step closer to this goal.
    • The 3-point safety belt has saved more than a million lives so far - it could save over a hundred thousand lives a year

      Saving a life can be so simple: grab, stretch, click! If you are wearing a safety belt, your chances of surviving a collision improve by 50 percent. The three-point belt is and will remain the car's most vital safety feature. However, even more lives could be saved if belt usage increased.
      • 3-point safety belt from Volvo - the most effective lifesaver in traffic for fifty years

        Few people have saved as many lives as Nils Bohlin - the Volvo engineer who, in 1959, invented the V-type three-point safety belt. A design as obvious as it was intelligent and perfectly suited to the seat occupant's body. To this very day, the safety belt still provides the most effective protection in the event of an accident.
        • New dummy enhances active safety

          Volvo Cars is proud to introduce Bob – the company's newest addition to the crash test dummy family who has been specifically developed to test its cars' active safety systems.
          • Volvo's Tradition of Safety

            In 1927 Volvo’s founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson stated that “Cars are driven by people. Therefore the guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo is – and must remain – safety.”
            • The world's most expensive dummies save lives

              The Volvo Crash-Test Dummy family does invaluable work in the development of tomorrow's ever-safer cars. The dummies may cost anything up to 1.5 million kronor, and at Volvo Cars there are more than 100 members of this tough family.
              • The 3-point belt remains central in today's and tomorrow's safety solutions

                Despite the constant development in technology, the automotive world's most important safety mechanism – the safety belt – has remained much the same since it was first used fifty years ago. The three-point safety belt's ingeniously simple design has stood the test of time and the only difference is that these days the belt is part of a larger, high-tech safety system.
                • Volvo's three-point safety belt turns 50

                  On Thursday August 13, 1959, the world's first car with standard-fit three-point safety belts - a Volvo PV544 - was delivered to the Volvo dealer in the Swedish town of Kristianstad. Over the next 50 years, the V-shaped three-point safety belt saved well over one million lives.
                  • The new Volvo C30 now offers more choice and attitude

                    The new Volvo C30 steps out and shows the model's full potential and personality – it offers customers a generous dose of road presence as well as a variety of bold styling choices. Like its predecessor, the new Volvo C30 is designed to stand out in the premium hatchback crowd. It's a street smart Swede – sexy, solid and full of attitude.
                    • Volvo S40 2.0 Petrol Powershift

                      Volvo's smooth Powershift gearbox cuts fuel consumption by 8 percent in the Volvo S40
                      111-120 of 123 results|Results per page:102050