Buying a Hatchback

Buying a Hatchback

We have some advice on what to consider when looking for a new model of this hugely popular five-door body style.

Buying a hatchback

Buying a new car – and particularly deciding which category of vehicle to consider – can be a challenging process to navigate: so many options, so many choices. To help, we have some advice that details what to consider when buying a hatchback – a vehicle choice that can still be effective for your family despite its more compact size.
What is a hatch back

What is a hatchback

A hatchback is a type of vehicle configuration that usually incorporates a rear boot door – or tailgate – that swings upward. This door opens to provide cargo area entry and access to any storage in the car that is typically easier compared with the boot of a sedan. Many hatchbacks also have features such as fold-down second-row seating, which expands carrying capacity and adaptability to its driver and passengers. Today’s hatchbacks often come equipped with an increased level of sportiness, style and safety.

What to look for in a hatchback