We take service personally.

We believe servicing your car should be simple. So we have reinvented the traditional idea of a workshop visit. By consigning old working methods to the past, we aim to create a new approach to service that’s personal, efficient, and which takes care of you as well as it takes care of your car.

Volvo Service 2.0

Our service. Designed for you.

Owning a car should not be complicated. It should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. So we have created a unique service that includes everything you need to get the most out of life with your Volvo. We call it Volvo Service 2.0.

A breath of (Swedish) fresh air


When it came to improving the air in our cars, we used a little Scandinavian clean-air thinking. 

Extended Core Services

Services designed to suit you

Whether it’s cleaning your upholstery, repairing a cracked windscreen, or changing a tyre, at our workshops you will find a service dedicated to taking care of it.

Volvo Roadside Assistance Policy

For total peace of mind

Volvo Roadside Assistance

In the unlikely event that your Volvo encounters a mechanical breakdown, you can benefit from our complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance Program.