5:00 PM | April 4 2017

World’s best seats

With the latest Volvo ‘90 Cluster’ – the All-New V90 Cross Country, S90 and XC90 - our designers have turned comfort into an art form and created luxurious, ergonomic interiors that can help improve your wellbeing. And at their heart are our world-famous seats.

For years, our seats have been considered among the best in the automotive world. So, when it came to the seating in the new generation of Volvo cars, our designers kept their focus on comfort and wellbeing as they created a thrilling, thoroughly modern take on the concept of Scandinavian luxury.

And instead of evolving our existing seats, we developed an entirely new range of state-of-the-art seats that perfectly complement the premium new interiors in models such as the XC90, S90 and All-New V90 Cross Country, while providing unrivalled levels of comfort and support.


The first thing you’ll notice about our new front seats is the modern and stylish Scandinavian design – especially the slim backrests, which give rear-seat passengers extra legroom.


Our new front seats feature a completely new frame and firm backrests, which are covered with a soft coating and uniquely shaped to resemble the human spine. The front seats also feature extra, multi-directional lumbar support, which can be adjusted to meet a wide range of personal preferences, and luxuriously soft new upholstery. All comfort settings, including lumbar support, are power operated and all controls are conveniently within reach.


As well as using the finest materials and smartest, ergonomic design solutions, we have also incorporated the latest technology into our new front seats to offer a completely new level of in-car comfort. As an option, the front seats are available with a massage function in the backrest, plus ventilation and heating functions in the seat cushions. The massage function offers five programs, three adjustable speeds and three adjustable intensities to help you relax on longer trips. The ventilation function, combined with optional perforated, fine Nappa leather seats, helps adjust your body temperature to the in-car climate and offers higher comfort than regular seats.


We designed a memory function that stores all your personal comfort settings, including seats and mirrors. If someone else uses your car, all it takes to get things back just the way you like them is the press of a button. We have even designed a way to make getting in and out of the car easier. When you pull the interior door handle to exit the car, the easy ingress/egress function moves the seat backwards and adjusts it to its lowest position to make getting out of the car simple and convenient. The seat remains in this position until you get back in and start the engine. When the engine starts, the seat returns to your personal preset driving position.

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I Roll

Volvo is Latin for 'I roll' and was originally trademarked in 1915 with ball bearing production in mind. But 18 million cars later, Volvo has come to mean much more. 

Volvo started making cars in 1927 because we believed nobody else was making them strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. Along the way we’ve come up with dozens of innovations, some of which have changed the world. And it’s this proud history that continues our drive forward to the next great Volvo Cars idea.