3:00 PM | December 4 2017

Holiday Driving Guide: 10 top tips

From planning your journey to reaching your Christmas/New Year holiday destination, I Roll’s holiday driving guide provides 10 key tips for a safer and more enjoyable trip.

Tis the season to be jolly, though it’s also the time for families to be careful as they take to the road to visit friends and relatives, or head off for a well-earned break away from both home and work.

To help you enjoy a smoother and safer journey, I Roll has compiled a list of 10 helpful tips to consider for your big holiday drive.


Confidence for any drive starts by ensuring your car is in tip-top condition. Of course, for ultimate confidence you could consider bringing forward your next scheduled official Volvo Service. Otherwise, key areas to check yourself are tyres, and the levels for engine oil, engine coolant, and windscreen-washer fluid.TIMING YOUR JOURNEY

Allow plenty of time to reach your destination so your drive is relaxed rather than rushed. Holiday periods are notorious for heavy traffic, so consider an earlier start to your journey to increase the chances of enjoying quieter roads. Check weather forecasts, as well as state live-traffic reports for the latest incidents that may have occurred along your intended route.



Check a map before you set off so you can plan detours taking you to interesting towns or attractions not far off your chosen route. It’s not only a great way to break up a long drive but will allow you to find better, healthier breakfast, lunch or dinner options than you will find at a freeway service station.



Volvo vehicles provide generous cargo space relative to their size, though for extra storage you may also want to consider roof pods or bike carriers – available from our extensive Accessories range. Always ensure luggage, equipment and toys inside the car are all secured, so they don’t fly around the cabin in the event of emergency braking/manoeuvres.TAKE REGULAR BREAKS

Volvos equipped with Driver Alert Control will prompt you to take a break if the system detects you are getting drowsy or inattentive behind the wheel. The Rest Stop Guidance function can even tell you where it’s safe to stop. Otherwise, it’s recommended drivers take a break every couple of hours. Sharing stints behind the wheel, if possible, also helps.KEEPING THE KIDS ENTERTAINED

Having a variety of music via the likes of radio or smartphone connectivity is a good starting point with children, while iPads are an alternative – with the proviso that time on such devices should be minimised. Rear portable DVD players are heaven sent for parents to keep kids amused for hours, or why not truly stimulate your child’s senses with a classic game of I Spy!WILDLIFE

As in Volvo’s home country of Sweden, driving on country roads in Australia comes with the risk of colliding with wildlife. Animals such as kangaroos and wombats are especially active at dawn and dusk. It’s recommended to reduce vehicle speed at such times.


Some States implement double-demerit points during holiday periods, so keep a careful eye on your speedometer. Volvo technology such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Road Sign Information can help remove the stresses of constantly watching your speedometer or not knowing the current speed limit. (Read more about journey-aiding Volvo technology in our separate feature.)



So you can enjoy a festive drink with friends and family around Christmas time, plan your return home (or any driving) long after you’ve had that celebratory beer or wine.



Last, and certainly not least, enjoy the time you spend in your Volvo – after all, with its legendary ergonomic seating, intuitive connectivity, high-level cabin quality, and advanced safety technology, it has been designed to provide maximum comfort and confidence for journeys both short and long.



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