2:00 PM | December 4 2017

Volvo tech for stress-free driving

I Roll looks at a range of Volvo technologies that can make long drives safer during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

The comfort of driving a Volvo transcends our legendary seats that are sculpted to perfectly fit the human form through intensive ergonomic research.

There’s comfort in the knowledge our vehicles are constructed and designed to protect you in the event of an accident. 

And there’s comfort in the company’s commitment to make driving easier and safer. Indeed, Volvo’s commitment to safety has truly made it a comfortable car.

Yet, while some may argue that this image has to do with stereotypes more than anything else, the company’s investment in IntelliSafe technologies has truly separated it from its competitors.

Here, I Roll provides a guide to a selection of advanced Volvo IntelliSafe technologies available to enhance your holiday drive.


When you have a long freeway drive ahead, Volvo vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control and Pilot Assist make the journey more effortless. Engage the system, and your Volvo will take control of speed – maintaining a set distance (which you can specify) to the vehicle directly ahead. This technology enables you to make subtle steering adjustments at up to 130km/h, all the while keeping your Volvo centred in its lane.



Volvo Cars pioneered emergency braking technology a decade ago, and our latest City Safety system is standard on all our vehicles. City Safety combines a camera and radar sensors to identify vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals – such as kangaroos – and warn of a potential collision. It can then assist braking if necessary, or – if the driver hasn’t responded to the warning – the system can decelerate the vehicle automatically to avoid or mitigate an impact. The All-New Volvo XC60 is equipped with a world-first collision avoidance technology – called Evasive Manoeuvre Assist – which can help a driver swerve around an obstacle by applying extra steering effort as well as braking inner wheels to help straighten the car again.HANDS-FREE FUNCTIONS: SENSUS VOICE CONTROL

Voice-command capability epitomises the intuitive operation of Volvo’s advanced Sensus infotainment and connectivity system. Simply press a button to activate voice control, then speak commands to get navigation directions, change music, make a call, or send a text message. The system allows you to use simple, natural phrases such as “Go to Bondi Beach” or “Call Emily Johnston”.


Whether you’re in busy urban traffic or cruising along a freeway, there’s nothing like the confidence to change lane without fear of colliding with another vehicle you hadn’t seen coming. Volvo’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) provides this very reassurance, using radar sensors to monitor traffic approaching your vehicle from behind – and warn you visually and audibly.BRIGHTER EYES: ACTIVE HIGH BEAM

Driving at night or before the sun has risen is much more challenging and tiring than travelling during the day. It can, however, be safer and more enjoyable with Volvo’s Active High Beam. The technology allows high beam to be used constantly, so there’s no need to flick between low and high beam. When the system detects approaching vehicles, or vehicles directly ahead, it shades out specific sections of the headlights to avoid dazzling other road users, which also include pedestrians and cyclists. The system also switches off high beam automatically when it detects you have entered a more brightly lit urban environment.


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