V90 Cross Country
6:00 PM | February 7 2017

Get away car

Whether it’s an adventure into the scorching heat of Uluru or a trip to the biting cold of the Snowy Mountains, the Volvo V90 Cross Country is your perfect getaway car.

As freezing, torrential rain pounds the rutted, muddied track ahead, an adventurous family are comfortably cocooned in a sumptuous and spacious cabin – flooded only by the natural light afforded by the panoramic glass sunroof.

As their vehicle’s elevated ride height and clever all-wheel-drive system forges them effortlessly ahead, the stark contrast of cold and warmth is apt for the Volvo V90 Cross Country. It continues a 20-year lineage of models tested to the extremes to give them versatile capability both on the road and off the beaten track.

The V90 Cross Country has arrived to complement Volvo’s 90 series luxury vehicle range. And it coincides with international research, undertaken by Volvo Cars, which reveals six out of 10 people globally want to spend less time focused on work and more time pursuing outdoor activities such as hiking, running and cycling.

The Volvo V90 Cross Country allows its owners to redress their work-life balance – acting as a conduit that reconnects them to the people and passions they hold most dear.

It even looks ready to explore, with a distinct visual identity formed by its increased ride height, protective trim, extended wheel-arches in charcoal or matching body colour, side scuff plates, as well as a front skid-plate to keep key mechanical components out of harm’s way.

If the ruggedly elegant styling showcases the V90 Cross Country’s ability to tackle the rough as well as the smooth, its chassis and all-wheel-drive system are also optimised for all roads – in all weather conditions. An optional Drive Modes system includes an Off Road setting that tailors the vehicle’s electronics for trickier surfaces.

The Volvo V90 Cross Country will encourage you to get ‘lost’ as you discover new roads and new places. Yet when you are ready to head back to civilisation, or prefer to be guided accurately to a chosen destination, Sensus Navigation shows the way – on the 9-inch portrait display that provides a large, viewable format suited perfectly for maps.

Available in exclusive Inscription trim level and equipped with a powerful yet efficient D5 twin-turbocharged diesel engine, it’s time to escape your busy life and explore terrain of rugged beauty – a description equally applicable to the Volvo V90 Cross Country.

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