8:00 PM | January 17 2017

Next-generation showroom

Coffees percolate at the barista bar, and brass fittings – hanging from a ceiling that matches the floor’s natural wood ­– illuminate a layout of contemporary furniture. Assorted cushions decorate sofas, magazines sit in a rack, and large rectangular glazing provides a ‘window’ to a hive of activity.

It could be a cosy living room or relaxed café environment, yet this is the future of Volvo showrooms.

This new-generation dealership design is called the Volvo Retail Experience and rolling out across the Volvo Cars Australia network, having successfully debuted in 2013 with the Bilia Sisjon showroom in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Based on a Scandinavian-inspired concept of contrasts – ‘cool on the outside, warm on the inside’ – the Retail Experience combines stylish and modern architecture with a warm and relaxed interior ambience.

The Volvo Retail Experience

The showroom balances physical and digital presentation, while sales and service areas are integrated for an open, holistic environment.

Respecting customers’ precious time, the ‘living room’ provides a place to relax or work (aided by free Wi-Fi) while their vehicle is being serviced – with minimal disruption to their day.

The wait is also short thanks to Volvo Personal Service, a faster and more efficient approach to servicing where the dealership’s expert technicians work in teams like a racing car pit-stop.

With that aforementioned ‘window’ also providing an expansive view of the Volvo workshop, customers not only see personally assigned technicians working on their car but can speak to them directly.

For customers planning to buy a new Volvo, ‘The Street’ section of the Volvo Retail Experience showcases the extensive range of luxury vehicles.

“The Volvo Retail Experience and Volvo Personal Service are what set us apart and underpin our Swedish heritage by putting people at the centre of everything we do,” says Volvo Car Australia Managing Director Kevin McCann.

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