9:30 PM | January 17 2017

Speed of progress

You’ve escaped the gridlock of the daily commute and it’s time to experience a different kind of rush; one you will want to last for more than an hour.

With a challenging, scenic road ahead, it’s a stretch of thrilling bitumen where you desire a car that has been fine-tuned to be highly responsive. A car where every component has been optimised for great driveability and ultimate control.

It’s a scenario made for the MY17 Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar – our high-performance sedan and wagon models that have been designed to deliver an exciting yet safe drive in all conditions.

As the latest evolutions of a project that started in this very country four years ago, when Volvo and Polestar partnered to create a road car benefiting from two decades of exploring the limits of Volvo cars in a motorsport context, the MY17 Polestars have raced into showrooms as the fastest and most dynamic versions yet.

Central to their extended optimisation is a new-generation 2.0-litre engine tuned by Polestar, Volvo’s in-house performance division. Utilising both a turbocharger and supercharger, the high-tech four-cylinder delivers stand-out performance and impressive efficiency.

Although capable of accelerating from standstill to 100km/h as quickly as 4.7 seconds, the Polestar models are designed to be performance cars for everyday motoring, not just sunny Sundays.

The engine’s outputs of 270kW and 470Nm combine with a faster-shifting version of Volvo’s eight-speed Geartronic transmission to deliver optimised driveability and efficiency at all revs.

And to ensure the MY17 S60 and V60 Polestar are ready for all roads and all conditions, all through the year, there’s an all-wheel-drive system allied to bespoke dampers from our long-time suspension partner Öhlins, and a confidence-inspiring six-piston brake system from stopping specialists Brembo.

Bespoke 20-inch Polestar wheels and a rear spoiler contribute to the athletic yet subtle exterior, while, inside, a cabin created for owners who appreciate an active drive includes ergonomically sculpted Nubuck/leather seats, a Nubuck/leather steering wheel, aluminium sports pedals, plus blue contrasting details and carbon fibre décor inlays.

It’s not every day a car comes along that is designed with the kind of agile chassis and flexible all-round performance that enhances your daily drive whatever your destination. And there’s even a choice of body styles.

If you want to experience the perfect performance car, simply hurry along to your nearest Volvo dealer.

Click here to find out more about the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar.

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I Roll

Volvo is Latin for 'I roll' and was originally trademarked in 1915 with ball bearing production in mind. But 18 million cars later, Volvo has come to mean much more. 

Volvo started making cars in 1927 because we believed nobody else was making them strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. Along the way we’ve come up with dozens of innovations, some of which have changed the world. And it’s this proud history that continues our drive forward to the next great Volvo Cars idea.