Volvo Google Android Infotainment
8:30 PM | July 4 2017

Next-generation Infotainment

Google’s Android operating system will be at the core of a more advanced, more personalised Sensus infotainment and connectivity experience being introduced from 2019.

By 2019, a collaboration between one of the world’s fastest-growing luxury car brands and one of the world’s biggest technology companies will redefine how you engage and interact with your car.

Volvo is partnering with Google to create the next-generation version of the Swedish car maker’s Sensus infotainment and connectivity system.

Google’s renowned Android operating system will feature at the heart of Sensus, which will retain a distinctive Volvo interface.

“The aim is to provide an integrated, connected experience like no other,” said Henrik Green, Senior Vice President Research and Development, Volvo Car Group. “Our partnership with Google will help us deliver a content-rich ecosystem with hundreds of apps to choose from, based on Android OS.

“This will give us the access to latest apps and services in an environment that is familiar. The idea is to make [Volvo owners’] lives easier and more enjoyable by keeping the familiar look and feel of the Volvo user interface.”

Volvo believes smart partnerships, such as its linking with Google, are the future for the car industry.

The Android OS will increase speed and flexibility in Sensus’s development, ensuring customers are always up to date with the latest apps and services – including those from Google.

Google said it was thrilled to help create the next generation of connected Volvos.

“This partnership gives us the opportunity to deliver a more seamless experience to Volvo drivers through a full-featured infotainment platform and rich ecosystem of Android applications and Google services,” said Google’s Vice President of Android Engineering, Patrick Brady.

The wait will be less than two years for another Google function being added to Sensus. Location-based service app Google Local Search will be released with a Sensus Navigation update in the near future to Volvo owners.

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