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7:00 PM | June 1 2017

National Sweden Day

June 6 marks the national day of celebration for Volvo Cars’ home country.

Ireland has St Patrick’s Day, Australia has, well, Australia Day … and for Volvo’s home country it’s National Sweden Day.

While Swedes typically like to go about their business quietly, the country’s famous blue-and-yellow flag becomes more prominent on June 6 for the celebration of its national day.

The day has only been recognised officially since 1983, and it took another 22 years for it to be established as a public holiday.

June 6 was chosen as it represented the date of two important events in Sweden’s history: in 1523, when Gustav Vasa’s election as king was the catalyst for Sweden becoming an independent state; and in 1809 when the country adopted an important new constitution.

Sweden’s royal family now traditionally participates in a ceremony on the day, taking a carriage ride to Skansen, the world’s largest open-air museum, located in the capital Stockholm. There, the Swedish flag is raised and children in traditional costumes present flowers to the King and Queen.

It’s also a popular day for ceremonies heralding new Swedish citizens.

A later date in June, however, is more widely celebrated by Swedes. Midsummer’s Eve marks the start of the country’s holiday period, prompting large gatherings of friends and family.

To celebrate National Sweden Day, your local Volvo dealership will be serving complimentary ‘Fika’ – Swedish for coffee and cake. Experience Fika for yourself from Tuesday 6 June to Sunday 11 June at your nearest dealer.

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