Volvo Accessories snow
8:30 PM | June 1 2017

Gear up for the snow

Volvo Cars’ vast Accessories range offers virtually everything you need to get the most out of your adventures to the slopes.

We understand why you might be concerned about fitting your bulky ski gear into your Volvo, regardless of its generous cargo space, and why you might be reluctant to let snow and sludge spoil its immaculate interior.

Thankfully, Volvo Cars’ accessories exist for such concerns, allowing you to focus on maximising your ski holiday.

Here, I Roll details some of the key accessories – available on virtually every Volvo – to assist your trips to the snow.



Volvo Accessories Ski Carrier

Volvo’s aerodynamically designed aluminium ski holder is suitable for all types of skis and snowboards, even wider equipment with large bindings.


This retractable version avoids the need to climb onto the car for loading/unloading. With a simple pull, the ski holder slides out to the side of the vehicle to provide easier access to your skis.


Volvo Accessories Roof box

Our self-designed roof box offers both form and function. Finished in high-gloss black paint, the box not only looks sporty but offers a 350-litre capacity and is aerodynamically shaped to minimise wind resistance.


Exclusively designed for Volvo and fitting all our load carriers, the Space Design roof boxes are made from lightweight ABS plastic, finished in either silver or black high-gloss, and available with a volume of either 320 or 430 litres. They’ve also been designed to limit drag and feature a Dual Opening system that permits access from both sides.


For maximum protection of your rear load compartment, our durable, dirt-resistant cover spreads across both the floor and side walls, as well as the rear seats.


Volvo Accessories Plastic Load Mat

This attractive protective mat is shaped to fit the load compartment floor of your respective Volvo, and colour-matched to its interior. Featuring an anti-slip surface, the mat is just as easily removed for cleaning.


A steel grille can be fitted behind the rear seats so you can use your Volvo’s maximum cargo capacity without fear of loose items flying into the cabin in the event of heavy braking or a collision.


Volvo Accessories snow chains

All Volvos are available with snow chains – K-Summit or Centrix, depending on model. They are easily fitted to the outside rather than the inside of the tyre. They are supplied in pairs for use on the front wheels only. Many Australian ski resorts require snow chains to be carried as a rule, even if conditions don’t dictate their use.

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