Volvo Polestar Optimisation
8:00 PM | March 6 2017

In tune with performance

The Polestar Performance Optimisation package has its origins in racetrack success, allowing you to tailor your Volvo for an even better driving experience.

The name that has helped sweep Volvo to more than 100 motorsport victories across Sweden, Europe, and even Australia, for two decades is intensifying its efforts to make owners winners on the road with enhanced driveability and performance.

Polestar first took its learnings and engineering experience from track to road in 2009, when it tweaked turbocharged Volvo engines. Since then it has spread its tuning expertise to the entire powertrain.

Volvo’s in-house performance division offers the Polestar Performance Optimisation package, which takes the already excellent performance and dynamics of regular Volvos to another level.

The package achieves an even more balanced driving experience by focusing on five key performance aspects of our Drive-E powertrains: throttle response; gearshift speed; gearshift precision; off-throttle response; and engine performance.

Faster reaction from the throttle pedal improves your Volvo’s responsiveness, while acceleration is enhanced by a transmission recalibrated for even faster gearshifts and even greater precision.

The gearbox can also hold gears longer to avoid mid-bend upshifts that might upset the balance of the car. Better stabilisation is also achieved through a revised engine response to the driver lifting off the accelerator.

The fifth optimisation element increases power and torque as the engine’s all-important mid-range is tuned for even greater driveability.

In the S90 T6 luxury sedan, for example, Polestar Performance Optimisation lifts power by 10kW and torque by 40Nm. Even our flagship drivetrain, the T8 Twin Engine, can benefit from the package.

The Optimisation package takes about an hour to install at your authorised Volvo dealership, and has no effect on your warranty or service intervals.

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I Roll

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