Volvo Personal Service Australia
7:30 PM | March 6 2017

Next-generation service

How Service by Volvo is taking the traditional workshop into the future.

There’s probably only one area that hasn’t improved or evolved since the birth of the automobile in 1886, and that’s the way cars are serviced. While there’s more advanced equipment and electronics, it essentially remains one mechanic working alone on one car.

That’s why Volvo Cars introduced a new approach whereby technicians would work in teams, like a Formula 1 pitstop.

It’s a key step in the development of Service by Volvo – our umbrella name for everything the Volvo service centre offers to make your life as a Volvo driver as convenient and trouble-free as possible.

We identified time as one of the most important factors when considering how we could make life easier for our service centre customers. And when we studied this further, we realised that 80 percent of our customers could have their car ready within the hour. Only the more advanced jobs would take longer.

This would also mean that it could be more convenient for people to wait while the job is done, instead of having to drive back and forth in a rental car. Now, they could just relax for an hour with a cup of coffee and a magazine, or connect via the dealership Wi-Fi and get some work done while they wait.

Volvo service centres around the world are now in the process of changing their way of working.

Volvo Personal Service Australia

This new process also involves every customer getting their own Personal Service Technician. This is because talking directly to the person doing the work on your car will make things easier and reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

This new way of working will mean Volvo service centres will be capable of solving all customer needs with the highest quality and in the shortest time possible.

It will be some years before every Volvo service centre works exactly like this. Changing traditional ways of working always takes time. In the meantime, you can always benefit from everything else that is already – and always – included in Service by Volvo. For example, every time you service your Volvo at an authorised Volvo service centre you get your car’s software updated to the latest version.

You will also get your Volvo Assistance membership extended for another 12 months, up to your vehicle’s sixth birthday, when you service at an authorised Volvo service centre. And your car will receive a complimentary health check and wash - just a few of the extras that are always included when you take your car to a Volvo service centre.

Also, should there be anything else your car may need – for example, repairs, tyres, windscreen replacement, A/C service or cleaning – we can take care of that too. That’s what Service by Volvo is all about – offering everything you may need, in the simplest way possible.

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