10:00 PM | May 2 2017

Set your limits

Volvo’s Red Key accessory can place a ceiling on important vehicle parameters, such as top speed, to provide peace of mind for owners when their car is driven by someone else.

If you would like your Volvo to be driven responsibly even when someone else is driving it, then Volvo’s Red Key function-restricting accessory is for you.

Red Key allows you to control a number of functions available in your Volvo. By limiting certain functions, Red Key is ideal for times when your car is being lent out, and for encouraging less experienced drivers – such as young adults – to drive more responsibly.

Using Red Key, you can limit the top speed of your Volvo as well as set speed alerts to help drivers remain aware of their current speed. It can also be used together with the adaptive cruise control function to set a safe, fixed distance between your Volvo and the vehicle in front.

Red Key is not only used to limit speed and set safe distances. It can be used to set a maximum volume on your car’s audio system, so that the driver is always aware of external warning sounds. For extra reassurance, the safety systems in your Volvo will always remain fully active when Red Key is in use.

By allowing you to control certain functions in your Volvo, Red Key not only lets you lend your car out without having to worry, it also helps stop younger Volvo enthusiasts from getting too carried away!

For more information on Red Key and other Volvo Cars accessories, visit accessories.volvocars.com

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