5:55 PM | November 2 2017

All-New XC60 lavished with local praise

Volvo Cars believes its mid-sized luxury SUV delivers outstanding powertrains, ground-breaking safety, and beautiful yet functional design. The local reviews of the All-New XC60 mean you don’t need to just take our word for it …

  “A deeply impressive premium SUV.” “I want one.” “A car to be praised.” “Comfortable and appealing to drive.”

The All-New Volvo XC60 has won the hearts, as well as the minds, of Australia’s leading motoring experts after they drove the vehicle during an extensive local drive event.Although Volvo Cars is confident it has created a segment-defining mid-sized luxury SUV, it’s rewarding to hear the vehicle being recognised for its combination of sophisticated driving experience, outstanding powertrain performance, ground-breaking intelligent safety and beautifully crafted Scandinavian design.

The All-New XC60’s interior was admired for both its form and function.

“The whole presentation of the interior is very attractive, whether it’s the high-res graphics, the portrait-format infotainment touchscreen, or the specific materials. All in all, the interior presentation is outstanding,” said Motoring.com.au.

“Super-sweet engines and excellent eight-speed Aisin-Warner automatics aside, where the XC60 really nails the brief is inside its cabin,” said Wheels magazine. “Great seats, too.”

Drive.com.au and Practical Motoring were among those complimenting the All-New XC60’s comfort levels for all occupants. Both were surprised by the generous amount of space in the rear seats, whether they were considering headroom, knee room or foot space.The All-New XC60 also impressed with its strong drivetrains and refined driving experience.

“On the road, you can feel the benefits of the XC60’s more agile form, and its chassis knows what to do in a corner,” said Wheels. “Much like the XC90, the air-suspended T8 with adaptive damping does a highly convincing job of making the XC60 feel plush.”

Practical Motoring was impressed with the smooth ride and quiet cabin of the XC60 D4 model it tested, while admiring the engine’s civility and torque.

Drive.com.au said the XC60’s light steering and easy-going ride made for an approachable and comfortable vehicle.

In summary, Motoring.com.au described the All-New XC60 as “a car to be praised”, while Drive.com.au believes “Volvo has really hit its stride with this latest introduction”.

And from long-running, highly respected car magazine Wheels: “The new XC60 has the core DNA to create a deeply impressive premium SUV, not to mention a deeply alluring one, thanks to its delightful interior design and refreshingly individual styling. Superb drivetrains, too, in particular the urgent hybrid T8 and the characterful turbo diesel.”

You can read the All-New Volvo XC60 reviews in more detail here. Or to find out why the All-New XC60 has impressed the experts so much, simply head to your nearest Volvo dealer for a test drive.


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