5:45 PM | November 2 2017

Landmark XC60 heads home

In a move befitting a global sales legend, Volvo’s final original XC60 has taken its place at the Swedish company’s museum in Gothenburg.

With more than one million sales, it’s no wonder the first-generation XC60 has reserved a deserved place in the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The relentless popularity and lasting appeal of Volvo’s milestone mid-sized SUV is proven by a rare achievement: the vehicle grew sales for every consecutive full year it was in showrooms.It included a record 161,617 units in its last full year on the assembly line.

The XC60 has been Volvo’s best-selling model since 2009, and in 2015 it became Europe’s most popular mid-sized SUV.

Volvo’s elegant and versatile first-generation XC60 was released in 2008 – six years after the landmark XC90 SUV – and marked itself out with several distinctions.

These included segment exclusives such as the integrated rear-seat child booster cushions and the revolutionary City Safety autonomous emergency braking system.

Volvo marked the historic moment when the last original XC60 was built by following its journey from the end of the Ghent assembly line in Belgium – where most of the vehicles were built – to the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg.The vehicle was driven by Freddy Strobbe, Process Support Trim & Final Volvo Cars Ghent, who had worked on the XC60 since its inception.

“I wanted to join this project as I was involved from the very beginning in the building of this car. A bit of my heart was lost to this car, so I’m pleased to be there when it goes to the museum,” said Freddy

Sören Nyeboe, Managing Director of the Volvo Museum, said: “In light of the tremendous success of the first generation of XC60, I’m so proud that we can include it in the collection of the Volvo Cars Museum.”

Watch our film to join the Ghent plant’s Freddy Strobbe on his journey from Belgium to Sweden, where he eventually hands over the XC60 to Volvo’s CEO Häkan Samuelsson.



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