5:50 PM | November 2 2017

Expert steer on semi-autonomous cars

Volvo Car Australia will this month be demonstrating its All-New Volvo XC60 at the 2nd International Driverless Vehicle Summit.

Volvo Car Australia will demonstrate its commitment to future endeavours at the International Driverless Vehicle Summit from 16th to 17th November at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The All-New XC60 will be at the event to showcase its clever Pilot Assist control system. The technology, already available on several Volvo models, can help keep the vehicle centred in its lane with subtle steering adjustments up to 130km/h.

Volvo’s participation is only natural for the company, after a prototype XC90 in 2015 became the first vehicle to undergo driverless-car trials in the Southern Hemisphere.

The event is being run by the Australian and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI), of which Volvo Car Australia is a core member.

Translating Technology to Real-World Deployment is the central theme of the event, inviting attendees to gain insight from an array of national and international experts into global thought leadership on the subject of driverless vehicles, and their safe implementation onto our road network.

“Volvo Car Australia is proud to be part of the 2nd International Driverless Vehicle Summit, as we see the opportunity to continue the conversation about technology that is rapidly changing the way we view the automotive industry,” said David Pickett, Technical Manager Volvo Car Australia.

“The forum also provides a platform for discussion around perceptions and changes (mind-set and statutory regulations) required to incorporate and learn to trust the technologies designed to save lives.”


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