6:00 PM | November 2 2017

All-New XC40: Volvo's first compact SUV

A vehicle created to make city life easier. A vehicle designed to be highly expressive. A vehicle available with Adaptive Cruise Control technology. A vehicle with radical storage solutions to end the days of interior clutter.

The transformation of Volvo Cars’ model line-up continues apace with our first ever compact SUV, the All-New XC40.The next member of a rapidly expanding and exciting product portfolio will soon join the highly regarded All-New XC60 and XC90 to extend the company’s SUV line-up. Varying from those models, it sits on a new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) that will also underpin additional 40-series models.

The All-New XC40’s interior, like the exterior, will offer a broader and more expressive array of colour choices than any previous Volvo, while extensive customer research into how city dwellers use their car daily has led to radical cabin storage solutions.Swedish culture, naturally, was hugely influential in creating a vehicle that will stand out in the compact luxury SUV segment, though a certain tech giant was also a partial inspiration, according to Ian Kettle, the All-New XC40’s Lead Exterior Designer.

“If you look at an Apple MacBook or an iPad, they don’t have lots of line work breaking up the surface,” says Englishman Kettle. “It’s about making the product seductive in a really intelligent way, with an uncomplicated design that suggests it will make your life easier – which is the whole point of the All-New XC40.

“[And] Swedes don’t seem to be held back by traditions. You can see that in the attitude to technology. For many years, Sweden had the best 3G coverage, because they adapted to it very quickly. Sweden is also one of the leading cash-free societies. Swedes have a real acceptance of change. It’s a really progressive country. And that kind of openness affects you as a creative person because it means you’re encouraged to do something different.”

So, while it may be a new type of Volvo, it’s one that sticks to the brand’s philosophy of creating vehicles around you – with design and innovation focused on making your life more enjoyable and less complicated.

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