1:45 PM | October 5 2017

All-New XC60: The Future of Design

Intuitive Sensus infotainment system, clever LED headlights, ergonomically designed seats, hands-free tailgate operation… Why form and function are equally beautiful with Volvo’s new-generation luxury SUV.

Scandinavian design is renowned and revered globally – and it’s a philosophy that heavily influences the All-New XC60.

Its minimalist approach is not just about attractively natural styling but also beautiful functionality – and is epitomised by the Sensus user interface.Because it operates intuitively in a similar manner to a smartphone, you can use finger gestures to navigate the 9-inch touchscreen display. It’s also designed vertically rather than horizontally as with typical displays, eliminating the distraction of constant scrolling and allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

It’s easier for viewing menus, and its map is particularly effective at displaying more of the road your car is travelling on – so you can see more of your journey ahead.

It also allows for larger virtual ‘buttons’ that are easy and convenient to reach and touch.

Sensus caters for other senses, too. You no longer need to queue to hear your favourite band perform live in a studio, on stage, or in a concert hall – simply select one of three room modes and press play on one of the best audio systems in the class: the optional Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins.The British high-end audio specialist was involved with designing and arranging all 15 of the All-New XC60’s speakers early on in the design stage of the car to ensure even the most discerning audiophile is satisfied.

And how about greater vision at night? For a more relaxed, more comfortable and safer drive in the dark, full LED headlights are superior to both halogen and Xenon lamps – with extra brightness and a wider, longer beam pattern. The lighting is not only always as strong as possible, but also intelligent.With Auto High Beam, the All-New XC60 can detect the lights from both vehicles in front and approaching – blocking out sections of your headlights that would otherwise dazzle the drivers of those cars. You still get the benefit of a brightly lit road, and the headlights revert to their normal setting once the other vehicles have disappeared.

Volvo’s reputation for providing the world’s best seats was fashioned by its decision decades ago to involve ergonomic experts, and to use the finest materials to mould and dress them. The shape of the latest-generation Volvo front seats is inspired by classic thin, elegant Scandinavian chairs made of bent wood, in a form like the human back. These slim backrests also contribute to increased leg room in the rear seat – reflecting Volvo’s aim to ensure every drive, no matter how short or long, is experienced by all occupants in maximum comfort.And while handles may have been designed for hands, the All-New XC60 is available with technology that gives you the option to use your feet. With your hands occupied with shopping bags, sports equipment, or children, you can simply wave your foot under the rear bumper to open or close the tailgate with extreme convenience.

The All-New XC60 is the Future of Design.


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