1:55 PM | October 5 2017

Life through a (car) lens

In a world-first photo exhibition, modern urban life is captured in all its glory in a collection of images taken by the All-New XC60’s onboard safety camera.

It’s said a picture can tell a thousand words, though images are typically shot with a 35mm camera rather than a car.

This was the concept, however, behind the world’s first photographic exhibition using an onboard vehicle safety camera – created by three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Barbara Davidson with the help of the All-New Volvo XC60.

About 30 photographs were taken through the safety camera’s lenses – capturing life on the streets of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, from a unique perspective. Davidson, who has covered wars, natural disasters and gang violence for notable newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Times, said the collection – which debuted in London mid-year – does two things.

“Firstly, it is a snapshot of European city life in all its glory; secondly, it also highlights the complex environments that we live in,” she said. “It is thanks to the cameras and other onboard sensors that cars like the Volvo XC60 make modern city life safer for pedestrians and other road users.”“This project is about good storytelling, and about connecting people with really important technology that saves lives. ”Davidson admits she didn’t understand the concept initially when approached by Volvo Cars about the collaboration.

“Then I saw the video [of the system]… It’s amazing you can pull images off video clips. I really was using the car as a camera – framing it as I would my 35mm, similar to how I would work as a photojournalist.”Davidson has a personal connection with Volvo’s approach to vehicle safety. As a teenager, she was involved in a rollover accident in a car she was told probably saved her life. It was a Volvo.

Volvo continues with its Vision 2020 – an aim to reach a point in time where no-one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.


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