Eco Hacking
2:45 PM | September 6 2017

5 ways to eco-hack your journey

Taking your Volvo on holiday with you? It’s now easier than ever to make your long car journeys cleaner and more fuel-efficient.


Pack as lightly as you can, because a lighter load also means better fuel economy. Consider instead renting your gear – such as surfboards – and specialist clothing near your destination: as well as reducing weight, it’s also a smarter use of resources.



As a driver, you can have the biggest influence on fuel consumption by adjusting the way you drive. Avoiding heavy pressure on the throttle pedal, changing into a higher gear as soon as possible, and anticipating traffic lights – slowing to allow a red to turn green rather than stopping – can all help improve efficiency.

Eco Hacking


Navigate smart. Sitting in a queue of traffic increases your fuel consumption. Using sat-nav – such as Volvo’s Sensus Navigation, where fitted – will help you avoid congestion, even if it’s a route you’ve driven 100 times before.

Eco Hacking


Make sure your car is in great shape before a long journey. A well maintained engine, and tyres that are adjusted to their correct pressure, will mean you use less fuel on your journey. Book a service with your local Volvo dealer.

Eco hacking tips


Consider the other things you do in your car. For example, restricting your usage of the car’s heating and ventilation will reduce the drain on the car’s battery – provided that turning air-conditioning off won’t leave you sweating under a baking Australian sun, of course.


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