2:15 PM | September 6 2017

Parts: The Genuine Article

Why Volvo Genuine Parts are much more than just spare components when it comes to keeping your prized vehicle on the road.

Hello. Today, I’d like to talk to you about timing belts. No, wait … come back! What about oil filters, then? Fuel filters? Anyone? Okay, we’ll admit it, the thought of a new timing belt or fuel filter is never going to be as exciting as the thought of a stylish new spoiler or a set of diamond-cut rims. But, sometimes, it’s the seemingly innocuous things in life that make for a truly great driving experience.


Everything you love about your Volvo – from the smooth, satisfying thrum of the engine, to the clean, in-car air you breathe – has one thing in common: Volvo Genuine Parts. Your wiper blades are the reason you can enjoy a consistently clear view of the road ahead. Then it’s the combination of your oil filter and fuel filter that helps your engine stay cleaner for longer. And when it comes to ensuring your car’s on-board safety systems work like they should, well, that’s a real team effort between your brake pads, your brake discs and your windscreen. So, you see, Volvo Genuine Parts are much more than just spare parts. They are an essential part of your car’s make-up. In fact, they’re what make your Volvo a Volvo. That’s why we only use Volvo Genuine Parts when servicing or repairing your car.


All Volvo Genuine Parts – from cabin filters to oil filters, wiper blades to windscreens – are uniquely designed and produced according to Volvo Cars’ detailed specifications, and subjected to the same rigorous testing as the original parts fitted in the factory. This means they are the only spare parts guaranteed to be of the same uncompromising quality as the car itself – and the only parts that meet Volvo Cars’ strict requirement regarding safety and the environment. So, the next time the subject of oil filters or wiper blades comes up, don’t be tempted to close your eyes and take a nap. Instead, think about all the things Volvo Genuine Parts do for your car and open your eyes to the possibilities.



While Volvo Genuine Parts are available for our more recent models, Volvo Genuine Classic Parts are designed for cars with a little more experience. So, whether you own a 15-year-old S80 or a 60-year-old PV544, we can source and supply the right Volvo Genuine Classic Parts you need to ensure your Volvo continues to perform like a Volvo should. Volvo Genuine Classic Parts* can be ordered directly from your local Volvo dealer.


*Not all parts are available for all Volvo models. Please contact your Volvo dealer to check for parts availability.


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