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12:00 AM | August 29 2018

How to enhance your Volvo in 60 minutes

In just one hour, it’s possible to take your Volvo to a new level of performance thanks to the Polestar Optimisation Program.

Most of us are constantly striving for self-improvement, but it can take months to get into better physical shape, or years to learn a new language.
You can improve your Volvo driving experience, however, in just 60 minutes.
That’s approximately all the time it takes for an authorised Volvo Cars dealer to install a range of Polestar Optimisations in your vehicle – without affecting fuel consumption and emissions, or your original manufacturer warranty and service intervals.
The Polestar Optimisation program has been developed by Polestar – Volvo Cars’ performance road car brand. The brand uses the vast experience and knowledge derived from more than two decades of of motor racing involvement – and multiple title-winning success – to take the driving performance of road-going Volvo cars to another level for improved everyday motoring.
The program focuses on five crucial areas of the entire drivetrain to give you a more precise and balanced driving experience:


Polestar Optimisation - XC60 cornering 

Throttle Response
Recalibrated to provide improved feedback and accelerator reaction – ideal for overtaking or during active driving on a twisty road.

Gearshift Speed
Speed increased to allow the car to accelerate faster and react more directly to driver input.

Off-Throttle Response
Engine and gearbox calibrated to provide faster responses when the driver suddenly lifts off the throttle, providing improved predictability and control.

Gearshift Precision and Gear Shift Hold
Gearshift optimised to provide a more precise driving experience with faster acceleration. Gearshift points have been calibrated to utilise the optimised mid-range engine performance, while the gear-hold function maintains the same gear when cornering with high lateral g-force.

Engine performance
All Drive-E Optimisations are made to provide greater performance in the engine's mid-range power band – perfect for the sporty driver when overtaking, entering a freeway, or exiting a corner.

Contact your local Volvo Cars dealer to see if your car is ready to be optimised.

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