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6:00 AM | July 30 2018

iPad Holder: Your Rear-Seat Entertainment Hub

Make long journeys feel shorter with the iPad Holder accessory that brings music, movies, games and the internet to your Volvo’s back seat.

Age is irrelevant when it comes to travelling in the rear seat on long drives. We all like to be entertained.
And whether the preferred way to pass time is to listen to music, play games, watch movies, read emails or surf the internet, Volvo’s iPad Holder accessory transforms your vehicle’s back seat into a multimedia hub.
The iPad Holder is fitted by your authorised Volvo dealer to the rear of the front seat headrest, providing a convenient viewing angle for rear passengers.
Simply pop a compatibility cover on an iPad and it slides into the stylish Holder.

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No fears about battery life running out, either. Thanks to wiring that’s integrated into the front seat, the iPad can be recharged via a USB cable.
It’s also possible to charge a phone, via a separate USB connector integrated into the base of the iPad Holder.
Once you’ve arrived at your destination, simply slide the iPad out to take it with you.
From 1st July 2018 until 31st August 2018, the iPad Holder is available for a special offer price of $1295, including GST and fitment.
The iPad Holder is available for selected models at participating Volvo dealers until 31/08/2018 while stocks last.

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