4:00 AM | May 30 2018

Global Beach Clean-Up Tackles Ocean Plastic Pollution

Volvo Cars is marking World Environment Day, as well as the brand’s commitment to sustainability, with a special worldwide beach clean-up project.

As a human-centric company, Volvo Cars’ philosophies and values mean we design cars around you while also considering on a broader level how we can positively affect the lives of people and the world we live in.
Sustainability is integral to the company’s DNA, and on June 5th – World Environment Day – Volvo will tackle the issue of ocean plastic pollution with a Global Beach Clean-Up campaign.

Plastic pollution of our oceans is this year’s theme for the United Nations’ World Environment Day initiative, which aims to encourage global awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

The UN Environment Program says more than eight million tonnes of plastic leaks into the sea annually – “equal to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute”.

Volvo Cars’ commitment to beating plastic pollution has seen the famous Volvo Ocean Race implementing beach clean-ups already – in Alicante (Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), Hong Kong and Auckland (New Zealand).

Volvo Car Australia is planning its own Beach Clean-Up project in Sydney, involving the company’s employees and families, Volvo dealers and families, and partner agency staff.

While one beach clean won’t save the ocean, it’s about solving problems for the long term.
This month Volvo Cars announced further active support of the UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign, declaring it will remove single-use plastics from all its offices, canteens and events across the world by the end of 2019.
Sustainability is a core part of Volvo Cars’ approach to business. The company revolutionised the cleaning of petrol-engine exhaust emissions in 1976 with the three-way catalytic convertor with lambda sond (oxygen sensor). And the premium car maker is envisioning climate-neutral global manufacturing operations by 2025.

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